Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday's amazing coincidence?
Our XM Radio wants to replace his connector cord. The cord's 12 to 5 volt transformer makes whistling noises that are heard over MsTioga's speaker system. So, we did a Google search and found three Radio Shack stores in Guadalajara.

We looked at the Garmin Nuvi GPS map of our Nite Camp neighborhood. Amazingly a Radio Shack is located is only about a 1/2 mile away! The Radio Shack is inside a medium sized shopping center. Amazingly, the shopping center, has a pet shop at the entrance, and I walked in to ask where the Radio Shack store is located. Then I asked the clerk if they had any birds for sale?

The parakeet cage was still covered from last nite. When the clerk took off the cover, there was a blue parakeet. A boy adult bird! Exactly what I'd imagined our next Team Member to be!

Returning to the pet store with our cage, I looked at the little blue bird for about ten minutes. He seemed to be pretty calm. Not afraid of me.

Isn't it amazing how things turn out?
Our newest Team Member, a Blue Boid.

Chicken enchiladas.
Yesterday evening, chicken enchiladas were on the supper menu. However during an afternoon walk, a ripe avocado was bought. So, supper turned out to be guacamole and totopos [corn chips].

This morning, the chicken was still waiting to become enchiladas! But not for long!

This batch of chicken enchiladas has a bunch of Herdez Salsa Casera roasted on top, Isn't that Herdez Salsa great? Hmmmmmm?
Chicken enchiladas for our next supper.

10AM - Blue Boid's cage door.
We have opened Blue Boid's cage door. It's been open for about an hour. In February, 2008, when we got Boid, he did not know how to exit his cage door either [link]. It was not until Boid's second day with us that he learned to go in and out of his cage.

We have put Blue Boid's seed dish, just outside his cage. So far, Blue Boid is just looking!

DuPont Paint.
MsTioga uses DuPont automotive paint. This is a single paint system not requiring a clear coat, as is done in the USA. We need more back-up paint for repairs. As MsTioga was leaving Zapotlán, we spotted a small DuPont store.

We bought three 1/4 liter cans, one for each of MsTioga's colors. Each color was matched by taking samples out to MsTioga. It took about 45 minutes to prepare the mixed paint.

Cost=$195 pesos [$15.20US].
DuPont in Zapotlán.

Mixing our paint.

6PM - Exploring his World!
Guess who figured out how to exit his cage-home? Guess who is exploring his new World? None other than Blue Boid!

Now Blue Boid has to figure out how to go back into his cage-home.
Oh! The brave Blue Boid.


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