Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12 Midnite - Moving to the lake!
MsTioga and The Team had a meeting last evening. It was voted to move during the nite to the Presa, the lake above El Centro de Guanajuato. If we are able to make our Camp there tonite, the buses may be used from now on to take us into El Centro. We won't have to walk the terribly steep steps below El Pipila anymore!

We suspect that the cars that are parked around the lake during the morning are not there at nite. We shall see!

12:30AM - MsTioga filled up with water.
We did not go directly to La Presa de Olla. MsTioga needs to fill up her water tank. So, we went looking for a Pemex gas station south of Guanajuato. After filling the water tank, we went to go back to Guanajuato. But the highway was closed for repairs! Wow!

The watchman at the highway barrier told us that there was another way back near the Glorietta [turning circle] ahead. When we were at the Glorietta, we saw a street sign, "La Presa de Olla", right where we wanted to go! Imagine that!

MsTioga turned on the Nuvi GPS, and followed this road. A gorgeous road too. A highway with no traffic. We came to a very long tunnel, and at the other end of the tunnel we were in El Centro de Guanajuato! Wow!

1AM - La Presa de Olla Camp.
Just as we imagined, there were no cars parked around La Presa. MsTioga pulled in close to the rock wall surrounding the lake to make it easier to level out.

Our plan is to stay here at our La Presa Camp for the remainder of our stay in Guanajuato. We are close to El Centro. We may take the buses all over town, and they only cost $4 pesos!
Just before sunrise.


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