Friday, May 01, 2009

1AM - La policía!
Everybody on The Team was sound asleep. There was a loud knock on MsTioga's door. It was la policía! The commandante told us that this place is dangerous at nite and that we should follow him to the gas station nearby, where it is safe to park.

This same thing has happened a few times here in Mexico. In our own mind, we are positive that this place is safe. Anyway, MsTioga moved to the gas station, which is right next to the highway. The noise of trucks passing makes sleep impossible. So, at 4AM we returned to our Camp where la policía found us at 1am.

On the positive side, here in Mexico we have found that nearly all interactions with la policía are for our protection and safety.

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8AM - Blue Boid been around people?

Yesterday after Blue Boid was outside his cage, we began to mess around with him. It may be that Blue Boid has lived with people before. Blue Boid lets himself be kissed! Also, I am able to touch his tummy! He won't go on my finger yet, though.

Could it be that Blue Boid lived with people, and that for some reason he was sent back to the pet store? Hmmmmm?
Blue Boid with cage door open.

Keeping Blue Boid from flying away.
MsTioga has a curtain in front which closes off the driver's side door. There is a mini-blind covering half of MsTioga's exit door.

The plan is to always have the curtain or mini-blind closed when exiting MsTioga. If these had been used before, it is likely that Boid would not have been able to fly away.


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