Tuesday, May 26, 2009

7:30AM - Heavy school traffic!
We awoke to noise outside. It was heavy school traffic. Tons of parents driving to drop their kids off at school.

I got dressed quickly, and MsTioga worked her way into the traffic and we got out of there.
School traffic viewed from MsTioga's rear window.

8AM - Gated community.
We drove straight ahead for about 1/2 mile and made a Morning Camp in a very nice neighborhood. MsTioga is parked in front of a newly built gated community. Some homes are still in process of construction.

We asked the guard at the gate, how much it costs to buy homes here. "About $3 million pesos", he replied [$231,000US]. That's a lot. Not by California standards, however!
Little Mavicita looks thru the gate at homes.

11AM - Camped in the country.
MsTioga and The Team just had to stop at this place. We are high here, 7,849 feet in elevation. It's cool, 78°F. During this morning's drive heading out of Villa del Pueblito, MsTioga traveled thru somewhat arid land. Here there are trees; pine, oak and other trees.

From this Camp, we look down at ranchos and a reservoir/lake.
Our Camp in the country.

12 Noon - Lunch.
For lunch a very nice chicken salad was served! The chicken chunks came from the roasted chicken that we bought yesterday. Our avocado had ripened to perfection. So, we also had guacamole and corn chips.
Chicken salad, corn chips and guacamole.

Lunch meeting.
During lunch, MsTioga called for a Team Meeting. It seems as though several Team Members like this place a lot, and want to stay Camped here over nite. The vote was unanimous. However, MsTioga did not want to Camp next to the highway. "The wind from passing traffic is very uncomfortable. Why don't we stay on that ranch over there", said MsTioga.

Talking to the ranch owner.
So, Jorge was selected to go talk to the ranch owner. Jorge walked down the ranch road where the ranchero was tending to two of his horses. Jorge and the the ranchero [Marcelino Pan de Vino] talked for awhile.

Jorge mentioned to Marcelino that he owned a beautiful ranch. The name of the ranch is "La Biata." Permission was given for MsTioga to stay the nite on La Biata!
Rancho La Biata Camp.


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