Thursday, May 28, 2009

7:30AM - Morning walk.
Yesterday afternoon MsTioga made her Camp near where a car had an alarm that had gone off. By the time for sleeping had arrived, the horn for that alarm was still sounding. And, the car was only 100 feet away. So, we moved our Nite Camp a couple of blocks away.

This morning is a bright and sunshiny day! We took our Morning walk going several blocks around MsTioga's Camp. In the pic below, Little Mavicita captured MsTioga at her Camp. We are very close to the plaza and the church.
Our Camp below the Church.

8AM - Mr. Dometic service.

According to our maintenance software, it is time to service Mr. Dometic, our hard working refrigerator. Mr. Dometic receives service every six months. This service is only for the cooling unit compartment, not cleaning the inside of the fridge and freezer.

The entire compartment is cleaned. All electric connections checked. The burner which you see in the pic below is cleaned with a brush while the burner is off. Then, the burner is turned on and the flame checked.
Mr. Dometic's burner looking good.

1:30PM - Water falls and rivers?

Everybody on the TiogaRV Team believed that there are waterfalls and rivers around the City of Amealco. However, we could not find even one sign of a river here.

We asked many people living in Amealco where the waterfalls are located. There are no waterfalls here! Wow!

MsTioga changed her Amealco Camp. She is now higher on a the hill a bit south of El Centro and the church. The road we are on is wide, and there is not much traffic passing.
Camped in view of Amealco church.
Elevation: 8,669 feet - Temperature outside: 77°F

Good bye new ads!

Well, our experiment with new ads from the services of AdBrite, Kontera, Project Wonderful and even did not prove to be very profitable. Google's AdSense beats all of these other ad programs to bits!

We on The Team agree with Readers who did not like full page ads popping up in front of our blog. Also, those inline popup ads are annoying. So, all of those new ads are gone now.

5PM - Mr. Trek's repair.
We decided to take a ride on Mr. Trek down to Amealco's plaza. At the bottom of the hill, one of Mr. Trek's pedals got stuck. It wouldn't rotate!

After walking Mr. Trek back up the hill to MsTioga, the pedal was removed. Solvent was squirted into the bearing to clean it out, then lithium grease to lube it. The pedal turned, but the bearing was very rough.

After biking down to the plaza, the pedal started sticking again. We asked for a bicycle shop, and were given directions. After a couple of blocks, we asked again for the bicycle shop. It took two more "asks" before we came to the bicycle shop.

A pair of metal pedals was bought. $55 pesos [$4.23US] The bike mechanic insisted on installing the pedals himself for free. But Mr. Trek insisted on paying him $10 pesos for his service!
Mr. Trek has new pedals.


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