Thursday, May 07, 2009

7:30AM - Swimming in the pool.
Mauricio González loves to swim in his pool in the morning. For the past two mornings, Mauricio knocks on MsTioga's door. "Quiere nadar, George?" [Do you want to swim, George?" Of course I say, "Yes!"

The water in the pool is nice and warm. A plastic pool blanket absorbs the heat of the Sun during the day. Mauricio and I swim around in the pool and chat for an hour, then we go inside and we eat breakfast.

Isn't this the greatest thing?
Mauricio at breakfast this morning.

The Grease Monkey.
This morning I was talking in the pool with Mauricio, and mentioned MsTioga wanted to have her engine coolant changed. Mauricio told me that he had a favorite place to do that kind of work. It is called, The Grease Monkey.

After breakfast this morning, I will follow Mauricio with MsTioga and we will go to The Grease Monkey and get a radiator flush and brand new engine coolant.

12 Noon - The Home Depot.
MsTioga's service at the Grease Monkey is done. It was interesting watching the engine coolant exchange. A vacuum is used to remove all of the old engine coolant. This old coolant is pumped into a large clear plastic vertical cylinder. The old coolant looked pretty dirty

The engine coolant change cost $399 pesos [$29 US].

We are now at The Home Depot. Several members of The Team have suggested that a small 120 volt AC fan would be helpful on very warm days. We are here to shop for a fan and found a 10" one for $295 pesos [$22US].
Our new 10" fan.

The tale of two Boids!
It seems as though Blue Boid is not learning things too fast. When Boid #1 came to live in MsTioga on February 14, 2008, it only took a day or two until he was doing all sorts of things. Going in and out of his cage by himself. Flying to look out of MsTioga's windows.

However Little Blue Boid does not even come out of his cage anymore. He is just a quiet little guy, content to tweet at the birds outside.

Boid #1 is remembered, and missed [link].
Mateo and Boid commune in González backyard.

Note: Mateo is Machicho's pet bird.


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