Wednesday, May 06, 2009

7:30AM - The Team at the González home.
Yesterday evening MsTioga and The Team made their Nite Camp at the González home in the eastern part of León. We had a very nice supper with the family. Fruit, tacos and a dessert of ice cream and cookies!
González trailer and MsTioga in León.

11AM - The González trailer.
Maybe you may help us find out about the dining table-bed conversion for Maurico González' trailer. For some reason, the table legs appear to be permanently secured to the floor and bottom of the table top. Mauricio needs this bed for all of his children to be able to sleep.

If you are able to help, please write. Is there a way to convert the table so that the legs come off easily?
Table-bed conversion.

5PM - Readers find the table/bed solution!

Florida Mike wrote in ShoutBox the solution to getting the legs loose from the floor and table. Many other readers wrote emails with the same solution.

When I went to tell Machicho about learning the solution, I found him inside the trailer. He told me, "I already read about the answer from Florida Mike in your ShoutBox!"

Isn't that the greatest thing?
Machicho and the bed!


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