Friday, May 29, 2009

7AM - A nice shower in the morning.
Isn't it a wonderful thing to have a nice warm shower in the morning? Extra special wonderful if you are living fulltime in an RV!

MsTioga's hot water heater is only used for showers. So, the timer in the iPod is used for keeping the water heater on to obtain a perfect temperature! It takes about eight minutes for the heater to get the temp right.

You may know that our shower is used for a storage space. When it is time for a shower, the clothes go on the bed, hangers and all. Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater goes on the floor along with the new ladder, clothes hamper and broom.

Up here at almost the 9,000 foot elevation, it is nice to come out of the shower to a warm MsTioga. So, on entering the shower, on goes the forced air furnace.

9AM - Heading for Tequisquiapan.

This morning MsTioga and The Team are heading northeasterly out of Amealco. Our destination is Tequisquiapan, which according to our Garmin Nuvi GPS, is only 46.4km away.

We do not know much about Tequisquiapan. Mauricio González, our friend in León, suggested going there. So, we are!

11AM - San Juan del Rio.
When we arrived at the outskirts of the City of San Juan del Rio, the highway to Tequisquiapan went around San Juan. We wanted to take a peek inside this town.

A Comercial Mexicana store was found [like WalMart]. MsTioga made a Morning Camp there. While shopping, we came across a pair of chrome license plate frames. MsTioga had been hinting that she needed new frames, because the present frames were corroded. I had painted the corrosion with silver paint.

MsTioga complained that she was too good a person to have her license frames repainted with silver paint! Ooooh!
Installing MsTioga's frames.

3:30PM - Camped in Tequisquiapan.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Camp in a residential neighborhood of Tequisquiapan. During the drive here, it was noticed that MsTioga's gasoline gauge is remaining on full. A wire may have pulled out of the electric circuit.

Cracked suspension bracket.
After leveling out, I went underneath MsTioga to see if a dangling wire could be found near the gasoline tank. I did not find a dangling wire. However, I did find a cracked suspension bracket. Do you recall the suspension bracket on the right side that was cracked and repaired a few weeks ago? This newly found cracked bracket is in the same location but on the opposite side [left side].

So, now we have two items in need of repair. The gasoline gauge by an auto electric mechanic. And the cracked suspension bracket by an excellent welder. If possible, I am considering replacing both right and left suspension brackets at this time.

In the pic below, I've cleaned off the bracket and taken a close-up with Little Mavicita.
Cracked suspension bracket.

6:30 PM - Our Camp in Tequisquiapan.
MsTioga in Tequisquiapan.
Elevation: 6,234 feet - Temperature 82°F outside


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