Sunday, May 24, 2009

8AM - Datastorm maintenance time.
We are really getting caught up with maintenance items! Would you believe, that I actually enjoy this kind of stuff?

Mr. Datastorm's cable connections are removed and deoxidized with Caig DeoxIT. The cables are re-labeled, because the labels get weathered. And we don't want to forget which cable goes where. Mating parts get a little lithium grease. The elevation drive chain gets cleaned and lubed. Mr. Datastorm's covers are removed and everything inspected. We look for rust, broken things, missing or loose screws.

There is a theory held by many who love mechanical things, that the object of our affection knows when they are held in high esteem. They know when they are clean. A clean machine tends to keep working properly.

We on the Tioga RV Team don't know for sure if this kind of thinking is true or not. However, MsTioga believes it, and that's good enough for us!

Filled tank with a funnel.

In this part of Mexico, for some reason it is easier to find gasoline, than water. MsTioga drove into a Pemex gas station to fill up her water tank. We asked permission and the attendant showed us to a blue barrel filled with water. OK!

MsTioga's tools include several funnels and a hose adapter [link]. With the hose adapter on the end of the funnel, we carried water using our 5-liter bucket. Very soon the water tank was filled!

After filling the water tank, 1/4 cup Chlorox bleach was added to the tank. Just to be sure.

Wandering in Queretaro.
As you may know, the object of the TiogaRV Team is to search for adventure. Since adventure is where we find it, we spotted something interesting on our Garmin Nuvi GPS. It is a neighborhood in the north of the City of Queretaro.

MsTioga would like you to know, that without our Garmin Nuvi GPS, we could not do any of this wandering that we are doing today. Without our Nuvi, we would get sooooooo lost!

Wending our way thru the streets, we came to a very shmancy neighborhood. Big homes. Wide streets. Somebody is pulling in the $pesos$. We do not see many neighborhoods like this in Mexico. If you have ideas of maybe coming to Mexico and perhaps retiring, you might want to consider the neighborhood of Jurica, Queretaro. Perhaps for a rental to get yourself a feel of Mexico?

Here is a Google Earth Map of this $hmancy place [Link].

3PM - Restaurants are so tempting.
On the menu this evening is MsTioga's Spicy Meat Loaf [link]. A good quantity of ground beef is at this moment, defrosting inside our Mr. Dometic. However, this is Sunday. And in Mexico on Sunday there are tons of little street stands making food to sell. As MsTioga drives passed Pollo and Carne Asada stands, the fragrance of BBQ is soooooo tempting.

We have found a Nite Camp in a nice neighborhood of apartment-like homes. Here we will prepare our meat loaf. Not now, later in the evening when it is cooler. Would you like to eat meat loaf this evening inside MsTioga? Come on down!
MsTioga in Queretaro.
Elevation: 5,920' - Temp outside: 84°F


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