Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8AM - Marcelino mi amigo.
This morning my friend Marcelino knocked on MsTioga's door. It is the custom here to chat with friends. We both sat outside for a couple of hours and talked. Me in my pajamas.

We talked about many things. About how to plant corn in the fields. How the water is piped to his home. Potable water too! Marcelino told me about when the rain comes, in May, June and July. How dry it has been this year. Marcelino did not tell me his age, but he has been married for 35 years.

He has traveled to Tijuana ten times in his life, in order to cross the border into California. Marcelino found work in ranchos growing wine grapes. Finding work tending grapes was easy. There are lots of Mexican friends in California to help find work.

In the pic below, Marcelino did not want to look up into the camera. He is a quiet and shy man.
Marcelino mi amigo.

2PM - Amealco!
We have made an Afternoon Camp in the City of Amealco. Upon reaching Amealco, we did several things.

First, MsTioga stopped to fill up on gasoline and propane gas. At the propane place, there was a water hose bibb. So, we filled the water tank.

A few blocks further, we happened upon a Mandarin restaurant. Here in Mexico! Imagine that? Going inside, I asked if there were people here who spoke Mandarin Chinese? The man who owned this little restaurant told me that he worked for a Chinese man who spoke Mandarin. That was in the State of Iowa. That's where he learned to cook Chinese food.

I watched as he prepared my order of sweet and sour pork. Also fried rice. Good food!

3PM - Camped in Amealco.
MsTioga and The Team drove all around Amealco looking for some spectacular places reputed to be here. We could not find them. So, we have made an Afternoon Camp to get our bearings. Mr. Datastorm will go up and take a look-see using Google Earth.

4 to 6PM - The plaza of Amealco.
It turned out that the plaza of Amealco with its famous church is only several blocks from our Camp. Little Mavicita and I walked up there. And, we took our little Garmin Nuvi GPS to prevent getting lost.

On arriving in the plaza, a boy came up selling chewing gum. His nickname is "Chorizo." I spent some time talking talking with Chorizo, who seemed to be quite a good businessboy! Next to us a man is shining shoes. I spent about an hour talking with this man.

It is a bit surprising how well my conversational Spanish is going. My understanding of what others are saying still needs improvement, but is coming along nicely. When I speak to people, they understand me very well. Apparently my accent has gotten much better!
The church in Amealco.

Chorizo the businessboy and his young friend.

Note: As I took the pic above, I said, "Smile!" Look at the little boy. Just like kids everywhere!


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