Monday, May 11, 2009

8AM - Repairing suspension crack.
Yesterday we told you about MsTioga's cracked suspension bracket. Little Mavicita showed a pic of that bracket with the crack. Pretty bad, huh?

This morning we are going to find a shop to fix that crack. Everybody on The Team thinks that the repair is a high priority thing. We also want to find out why the bracket cracked? Does MsTioga need new shocks? Is the pivot bolt that connects the cracked bracket to the leaf springs worn?

11AM - Crack repaired!
We found a small muffler shop. Reynaldo is the owner of this shop. We discussed the repair and Reynaldo suggested to weld the crack and then weld in a reinforcement gussets on the top and bottom.

Reynaldo jacked up the suspension to relieve MsTioga's weight and checked the suspension pivot bolt with a pry bar. The bolt is OK and not worn.

The weld is not pretty, but it is strong!
Reynaldo in his muffler shop.

Repaired suspension crack.
[This is the 2nd pic after wire brushing weld.]

Thoughts about the weld.
As you may imagine, many thoughts came in from Readers about the suspension bracket weld repair. I agree with most of them. The weld is not beautiful.

I went under MsTioga with Little Mavicita and took another pic of the weld. Before taking this pic, I cleaned the weld with a wire brush to inspect it better. The weld actually looks pretty good to me. The pic is made so that you may enlarge it to get a closeup view of the weld.

I have decided to live with this repaired suspension bracket weld. I've inspected it. The repair has a gusset welded in top and bottom. There is a lot of beef there. I believe that the weld will hold for many years.

12 Noon - Camping at the lake.
Yesterday was Sunday, and it was easy to find places around the lake to make a Day Camp. When we returned to the lake this morning, every parking place was filled!

Apparently people working in and around El Centro of Guanajuato park around the lake. So, we have returned to our Nite Camp site along the Panorama Highway.

After lunch, Little Mavicita and I will walk to the Papila monument that we visited yesterday. There is a museum there that we may visit. Or, there may be a way to walk down the hill from Papila to El Centro below.

7PM - Steep stairs to town.
Just as we expected, Little Mavicita and I found stairs that went all the way from the top of the hill at Pipila, down to El Centro! I have to be soooooo careful on these stairs. As my son David knows, I am not to stable on stairs. I've fallen in his home several times. So, when going down these stone steps in Guanajuato, I watch every single foot step.

In the pic below, you may get some idea of what these stairs are like.
Are these stairs steep, or what?

PS: I took a taxi back to SeƱorita Tioga who is Camped on the Panorama Highway.


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