Saturday, May 02, 2009

8AM - Blue Boid is a sweet guy!
Little Blue Boid is a very calm and sweet guy. He has already eaten his seeds from my hand, although he is a bit cautious about that! However, Blue Boid has not figured out how to re-enter his cage by himself. So re-entering is priority #1 today.

I use seeds as a teaching tool. For example, when teaching Blue Boid to jump on my finger, I hold seeds behind my finger. In order to eat his seeds, Blue Boid must jump on my finger. Before Blue Boid is finger trained, I never bring my finger to him. He must come to my finger by himself.
Blue Boid has to enter his cage today by himself.

10AM - Where is MsTioga going?
MsTioga loves to follow small roads. In the past, we were pretty reluctant to follow roads that are not on our maps. Especially when the roads are not on our Guia-Roji Map of Mexico!

But now we have our Garmin Nuvi 750! And, we are much more courageous because our Nuvi shows many, many roads. Yesterday we took off on a road that is not on the Guia-Roji. We are heading directly for the City of León. MsTioga would have followed major highways going far out of her way to reach León.

Much better to follow the roads less traveled!

2PM - Ayo El Grande.
MsTioga and The Team have a made our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Ayo El Grande. We are very close to the border of the State of Guanajuato.

We have been having some minor electrical problems. The XM Radio and Nuvi GPS connect to MsTioga's electrical system thru the cigarette lighter. Unfortunately, the "Y" adapter keeps falling out. We decided to make the hookup directly, eliminating the "Y" adapter. In the process, the incoming 12 volt line was short-circuited!

The fuse that blew is apparently hard to find. MsTioga's dash panel will be removed to trace down this circuit.
MsTioga in Pueblo Ayo El Grande.

Note: Elevation in Ayo El Grande is 6,037 feet and it's only 89°F.

5PM - Blown fuse replaced.

MsTioga's inside motor cover and radio dash panel had to be removed in order to track down the electrical circuit with the blown fuse. After replacing the fuse, this circuit was tagged..

The electric adapter that formerly connected thru the cigarette lighter, now connects directly to a 12 volt fused DC circuit. This circuit also powers MsTioga's radio and gets its electricity from the house battery.

Blue Boid eating seeds.
Little Blue Boid still has not learned to go inside his home thru the cage door. But he must have been getting pretty hungry because he has not eaten much of his seeds all day.

While I was getting ready to make the blog post above, Blue Boid flew into the back room and began flying from window to window. It was clear that Blue Boid was trying to get some attention.

I got some Boid food and put it in my palm. Then Blue Boid jumped on my hand to eat his seeds!
Blue Boid eats from my hand.


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