Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Boid tells his story!
Yesterday in ShoutBox, I promised Reader Jack in NorCal that I would tell you how I am doing. So, here goes!

First of all, you probably already know that I am a Budgerigar, a Budgie. My grandpa came from Australia! Really, he did! I came aboard The TiogaRV Team in late April, 2009. You may read about me and the original Boid [here]. Look way down at the bottom for my intro.

When I first began living inside MsTioga, I really had no clue about a lot of stuff. Since I had never flown free before, I had no idea about windows. Weird things windows. Did you know that you cannot fly thru a window? Hmmmmm? Also, I did not know how to land properly. So, I would fly and fly and when I got tired would plop down anywhere handy. Mostly on MsTioga's mini-blinds. I was birdwildered!

Each morning my cage door was opened and George would remove my seed dish. Why would he do that? After awhile it dawned on me that I was very hungry, but I did not know how to get my seeds which were sitting on the table outside my cage. Sometimes I would go hungry for a few hours, before George put my seeds back into my cage.

One day when George was gone, I learned how to go out my cage door. Then George put my seeds back inside my cage! Wow! It took me a week to figure out how to go back inside my cage and get my seeds.

In the mornings, I like my beauty sleep. All nite long I remain perched on my ring. When George takes off my cage cover, I don't get off my ring for a long time. I am still sleepy, for goodness sakes!
I am not quite awake yet.

Then George removes the seeds from my cage! I now know that George wants me to go out and get my seeds, but I have to coaxed.
Here I am in my doorway.

I understand perfectly well that George wants me to eat from his hand. But I want him to beg me. I am a reluctant budgie!
Eating my seeds but not on George's hand!

Finally, I am eating my seeds from George's hand.

My home is in MsTioga's bedroom.

I live all day long inside MsTioga's bedroom. My cage door is open, and I may fly all around the bedroom as much as I want. George told me that I am a great flier! George also told me that staying inside MsTioga's bedroom would keep me out of trouble.

I don't fly into MsTioga's windows anymore. But I sure like to look thru the windows to see what's outside. I especially like to look at birds flying by. And I like to sing like crazy when I hear other birds tweeting. I love my new home. I've gained a little weight since coming here. George says that my new feathers are gorgeous!
Stretching my wing for a morning flight!


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