Sunday, May 31, 2009

Buying your home in Mexico

Buying your home in Mexico.
All around the place where MsTioga has made her Nite Camp, there are block walls constructed. These walls enclose rectangular areas. What are these places? Hmmmm?

Late yesterday evening just before dark, I took a walk around the neighborhood of my Nite Camp. There are no sidewalks here. No paved streets. I walked on earth between these block walls.

Children were playing, and I walked toward the sound of the voices. A bunch of kids were playing jump rope. The rope was long, one end attached to the bumper of a truck. An adult woman twirled the rope, and as she twirled called out to those trying to jump. "Enter, enter! Faster! Leave, leave!" There were about 12 young kids trying their luck at the rope. And, there was one adult woman. When this woman exited the jump rope, I asked about the block walls.

"Those are homes", she told me. "Inside the walls are homes that people are building", she went on. "If you are here tomorrow, it is Sunday. That is when some families come to work on their homes. That home over there has a door in the wall where you may look inside." She pointed at a block wall a short distance away.

Looking in thru that door, actually just an opening in the block wall, the first thing I saw was a round planter made of concrete blocks. A tree growing in this planter is about ten feet tall. There is only one small partially constructed room. I walked back to ask the woman jumping rope how long the family of this construction project had been building. "Oh, a long time", she replied. "It takes time to save some money", she finished.

Sunday is Skype day!
Today I talked to two fellow Skypers. One is my friend Dick Siebert who lives in Martinez, California. The other Skype person is my son Joseph who lives in Santa Cruz, California.

It is really neat being able to hear voices from far-a-way! Son Joseph suggested that we Skype at each other while we were visiting in Yosemite Park.

3PM - Driving around Tequisquiapan.

We decided to take an afternoon drive around Tequisquiapan. Driving thru many towns in Mexico can be somewhat of a tense activity. Especially in an RV. Many streets are narrow. Traffic today in some streets came from the opposite direction when there is only room for one vehicle. However, MsTioga is becoming an accomplished veteran. And, she handled herself very well today.

Without our Garmin Nuvi GPS, The Team would have become utterly lost. But with the Nuvi, we found the street that took us exactly where we wanted to go. Our Garmin Nuvi is fantastic! Invaluable!

Did I mention fantastic and invaluable? Well, let me re-state my position! Without Garmin Nuvi GPS, we might never have been found again!

5PM - T-Bone Restaurant.
Nearby our Nite Camp is a shopping center with a restaurant called "T-Bone." For supper tonite we went over to T-Bone's and ordered a hamburger. Actually, a Double Hamburger. It was assumed that a double meant two-patties. However this double was much bigger. It was GIGANTIC!
T-Bone's Double Burger!


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