Sunday, May 03, 2009

Electric motor bikes.
In this part of Mexico, tons of people use motor scooters and small motor cycles to get around. We on The Team, like the idea of doing exploring in the cities and towns of Mexico on a motor scooter. However, it was our friend Steve Willey [link] who first suggested an electric bike as the best way to zip around. That seemed neat, because Mr. Sunny [link], our solar electric system could do the electric charging at almost no cost at all.

Often Mr. Trek [our bicycle] isn't used to explore a town. Perhaps because the town is too big, so we stick around our Camp. If we had an electric motor bike, for sure we would be exploring a whole lot more.
Doesn't this electric motor bike look neat?

3PM - González family in León.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the City of León. That's where Mauricio and Edith González and their family live. Mr. Datastorm has gone up so that we may find the González home GPS coordinates.

You may remember that we met the González family at Copper Canyon and then visited with them in their hometown of León [link].

4PM - AutoZone!

The González family was not home. An un-retrieved newspaper was stuck in their front entrance gate. Maybe the family is on vacation? We left a note taped to the gate telling them that we are in town and to send us an email.

So, we went to an AutoZone store to find a new heater core. You may be wondering why we need a new heater core, because another new heater core was installed a few months back. Well, that heater core of a few months ago, began to leak! Would you believe? Got MsTioga's front carpet all wet and sticky. The heater's input and output hoses were removed and connected together to form a bypass.

5PM - AutoZone store #2.

AutoZone #1 had heater cores in stock. But not the heater core we wanted. Their computerized inventory showed another AutoZone store with the heater core we needed in stock.

The guys in store #1 used our Garmin Nuvi Gps to show where AutoZone #2 is located. Wow! Without that Garmin Nuvi GPS, we would get soooooo lost!

AutoZone #2 had two of the heater cores in stock. We bought one and asked for a recommendation of a mechanic to install the core. We have arranged to return to AutoZone #2 at 8am tomorrow morning to meet with this mechanic.


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