Monday, May 04, 2009

Heater Core Failures and Electrolysis.
MsTioga has had two recent heater core failures. Yesterday afternoon I bought a new heater core at the AutoZone store in León and arranged for a mechanic to install the new core today. This will be the third heater core for MsTioga. The first was the original. The 2nd installed by Ford in Tepic. And now this one is the 3rd core.

I got to thinking this morning that I should do a Google search about heater core failures. Otherwise, I may have another heater core spring a leak. Well, guess what I found? A story titled:
"I have a 2001 Ford F-150 with the 4th heater core in it." [link]

Readers with interest and/or aptitude with auto repairs should click the link and read the story. For me, reading the story is like a trip to the dentist. Very painful. I've long suspected that MsTioga had things wrong with her electrical system. One thing for example, is that the leveler up/down indicator lights dimly glow when the inverter that powers my computer is turned on. Hmmmm? That does not seem right!

So this morning instead of simply having the new heater core installed, I am going to hunt down the best auto electrician in the City of León. Have this electric master technician check out MsTioga to insure everything is connected correctly and everything that is supposed to be grounded, is actually grounded.

This electrical guy will also be asked to check for "stray electrical currents running thru the cooling system." Just typing this thing, is already driving me a little crazy. Tough enough to explain what I want to mechanics who speak English!

Note: Here are another two stories about this subject titled:
"Electrolysis Problems Continue to Mount." [link]
"Heater Core Failures and Electrolysis." [link]

8AM - AutoZone.
MsTioga and The Team have returned to the AutoZone store, in the same neighborhood as our Nite Camp. We asked the manager of AutoZone for a recommendation of a master of auto electronics. He gave me the name of Hermanos Bustos. So, off we went using our Garmin Nuvi GPS!

Upon arriving at Hermanos Bustos [Bustos Brothers], we found that this place is an auto battery store. Nothing more! Wow!

Do you see MsTioga in the dirt lot next door?
Hermanos Bustos battery store.

10AM - Señor Rafael Lopez.
Across the street from the Hermanos Bustos battery store, is a nice looking auto supply store. We asked the owner for a recommendation of a master of auto electrics. He gave us the address of Señor Rafael Lopez.

I might mention that it would be impossible for me to make these trips without our Garmin Nuvi GPS. We would get soooooo lost in a City the size of León. Absolutely impossible. Have I said "impossible" yet? Hmmmmmm?

MsTioga parked in front of Sr. Lopez' shop. However, when it was explained to Sr. Lopez what we needed, he told us that he was a general mechanic. What we needed, he told us, was an auto electric specialist. Wow!

Pancho the master electrician.
It just so happens that Francisco [Pancho for short] has a shop right across the street from Sr. Lopez. So, MsTioga has made a Camp there, in front of his shop. Pancho is off on a repair job.

While waiting for Pancho to return, we decided to buy a fruit plate from a passing cart. We have seen tons of fruit carts in Mexico. This is our very first buy. The mangos are soooooo good!
Our fruit plate.

PS: Do you see Little Blue Boid eye-balling my fruit? I'm opening his door now to see what he does!

1PM - A walk around our neighborhood.

Nobody on The Team knows how long it will take to check out all of MsTioga's electrical components for faults. However long as it takes, it is OK with us. Because, wherever we are, MsTioga is our home!

So, we decided to take a walk around our neighborhood to get to know the lay of the land. We have everything here! Plumbing shops, hardware stores, bakeries, grocery stores, auto repair shops, liquor stores, office supplies. There are many stores selling tortillas. One store has four automatic tortilla machines. Four! We can only imagine how many pounds of tortillas this store may manufacture in one hour.

There is an ice cream manufacturing store around the corner with tons of flavors for sale. We saw at least four hair salons for men and women. To say nothing about how many restaurants there are, both big, small and in rolling carts.

So, as long as it takes, the TiogaRV Team will be fine.
MsTioga Camped at Pancho's electronics store.


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