Sunday, May 10, 2009

How much time do I spend on my website?
Readers who are interested in earning income from their website, often send email asking questions about how it is done. One question that comes up often is,
"How much time do I spend on my website each day?"

I'd estimate that the answer is between one and two hours. Lately the MsTioga Magazine stories are being converted to an ad layout similar to my blog. This morning it took about 1/2 hour to convert the Google AdSense page [link].

If asked if I feel that my website is similar to a job, my answer would have to be, "Yes!" However, it is a job that I really love to do!

Cracked suspension!
Yesterday afternoon we were underneath MsTioga doing corrosion maintenance. That was when a crack was noticed in the leaf spring bracket on the right side! Wow!

MsTioga wants to receive advice whether this crack may be repaired by welding, or whether the bracket must be replaced. We wonder if the pivot pin which connects the leaf spring to the bracket is seriously worn?

There is a Ford dealer here in Guanajuato, and we plan to go there for counsel.
Cracked suspension bracket!

8AM - Camped in town!
MsTioga headed down hill following the Panorama Highway. We made a Camp alongside the little reservoir lake, above the El Centro of the town. Mr. Levelers went down and pretty much leveled out MsTioga. Mr. Datastorm went up, found his space station and is now online.

Our plan is to remain in this Camp and use public transportation to travel around Guanajuato searching for adventure!
The TiogaRV Team in Guanajuato!

1PM - Walking around Guanajuato.
MsTioga is Camped in a perfect place for walking around El Centro de Guanjuato! We are Camped next to the lake, and the walk from here to El Centro is all downhill. We passed some interesting buildings and little streets. Of course Little Mavicita could not resist capturing pics for you to see!
MsTioga waits next to the lake.

A sort of Victorian style house.

Tiny steep street.

Some of the streets are soooooo narrow. How would like to be driving your RV on this street!
How do these buses do it?

We arrived at a place where many street vendors had set up shop. This is Sunday. A good day for shopping. I bought a mango ice cream cone! A Huichol family had setup their display. You may know that I am crazy for the Huichol gorgeous beaded jewelery!
Street vendors of Guanajuato.

Huichol Indian display.

4PM - Supper time!
It occurs to me that my writing may not be of sufficient talent to relate to you how absolutely fabulous is this stay in Guanajuato! MsTioga is Day Camped next to La Pequeña Presa [The Little Dam]. People are floating around in small row boats having a spendid time!

From our Camp, I look down at the lake scene. My supper is wonderful. Man-O-Man!
View from my supper table.

Pork chop Jorge style.

7PM - Walking around Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Team have moved back up to the Panorama Highway for our Nite Camp. We like this place because it is very quiet for sleeping.

Little Mavicita wanted to take a hike on the hill near our Camp that overlooks the city. So, we did! The stone paved road up the hill is very steep. I had to stop twice to catch my breath.

We walked down the road on other side of the hill, and found the famous Pipila! [link].
Pipila, hero of Guanajuato.

Guanajuato view from Pipila monument.


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