Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A knock on MsTioga's door!
Yesterday evening, there was a knock on MsTioga's door! We love visitors! It was Mauricio and Edith González and their children, Monse and Sebastian.

The family found our Camp location by following our Google Map link! We have received a dinner invitation at the González' home here in León! MsTioga will drive there this afternoon.

Isn't this the greatest thing?
González family in Guanajuato, February, 2008.

Radiator maintenance.
You may know that the reason that MsTioga is at Francisco's Electronics is to make sure that all of our electric equipment is properly grounded. MsTioga's heater core sprung a leak and needed to be replaced three times over recent months. One possible cause for these leaks, could be electrolysis [electric current passing thru coolant breaking down the water into hydrogen and oxygen]. Electrolysis could have been responsible for our heater cores leaking.

Francisco found MsTioga's ground to her transmission was broken. One ground was corroded and not making connection. One circuit which blew fuses, was found to go nowhere and was grounded to the chassis rail!

Thinking about the heater core leak problems, got MsTioga and her Team Members to wonder about radiator maintenance. Nobody on The Team can recall MsTioga having a radiator flush before.

So, after Francisco completes his work this morning, MsTioga is going to find a radiator shop and get her radiator properly serviced!
Francisco talks with a customer.

4PM - Camped at the González home in León.

MsTioga has made a Nite Camp at the González home. Guess what the family bought just last week? An RV trailer! Wow! Isn't that a surprise?


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