Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lassie Come Home.
A few days ago, The Team made their Nite Camp in the City of San Miguel de Allende in a neighborhood we called, "Gringolandia" because so many Americans live there. A dog was loose. A collie dog. Looked a lot like Lassie from the movie, "Lassie Come Home."

This collie was obviously lost and was going up to people passing by, hopeful with tail wagging. When the person approached just walked by, the collie's tail would come down. Awhile later a lady came walking down the little street from where the collie came. She was anxious. I thought, "Hmmmmm, looking for the lost collie."

I watched as she spotted her collie dog, now playing and romping around with several other loose dogs. All of them were having a great time! The lady called out her dog's name, but the dog paid little attention because it was having a good time. The last I saw of collie and the lady, she had hold of the collar and they were returning home.

I did not know then, that thinking of that lost collie incident last nite would bring me comfort. The thought of Blue Boid now playing happily with other birds as the collie was playing with his doggie friends.

9AM - Testing propane system for leaks.

We have left the City of San Miguel de Allende and headed in the direction of the State of Queretaro. MsTioga made a Day Camp in a field off the highway. We are in farm country.

It is time for us to test our propane system. There is a procedure that is followed in order to do this test. You may read about that in MsTioga Magazine's story, "Propane Testing For Leaks" [link].

When our manometer was hooked into our propane gas system, we were very suprised to find that the meter read only 9" of water . The pressure should read 11" of water. The pressure regulator was uncovered and the adjustment was moved. After several adjustment tries, the pressure was increased to the proper pressure of 11" of water.

The leak test is in progress right now. If after 20 minutes have passed and no decrease in pressure noticed, our system will have passed the leak test.

Note: MsTioga's propane system has passed this leak test! Auto Maintenance Pro is set to notify to do this leak test every six months.

Tom Hanks looks different.
Yesterday after Blue Boid flew off, I wanted to get away from thinking about that. For a couple of hours, the job of working on MsTioga's underside rust did the trick. Then in the early evening, a bunch of young people began walking across the parking lot toward the shopping mall. I heard some of them talking about going to the movies. That is a good idea! Going to the movies would take my mind off of Blue Boid.

I had never been to a movie in Mexico before. There's a very modern movie theater in the mall with many screens. Tom Hanks is playing in a movie called, "Angels and Demons." After buying a ticket [$40 pesos with the senior discount - $3.08US], I had time to go to the McDonald's. Never cared much for McDonald's. Bought a 1/4 pounder with cheese. Yuk!

Back at the movie, the first scene showed a muscular and very fit looking Tom Hanks doing laps in a swimming pool. When Hanks looked into the camera, I wondered; "What the heck happened to Tom Hanks?" He looked different.

Then it came to me what the difference was. It's the same thing that causes me to look unfamiliar when I see myself in the mirror each morning. Aging. Tom Hanks is getting older. He still is a great actor though. Although this movie is not my thing. Even with Ron Howard directing and Tom Hanks acting. I fell asleep several times during the movie.

Got my mind off of Blue Boid though.

Did I make a mistake adjusting propane pressure?
Today I found the propane pressure at 9" of water. It should be at 11" of water. So, I changed the propane gas pressure regulator to 11" of water.

However, I am at 6,600 foot elevation.

Florida Mike cautioned in ShoutBox about changing LPG pressure at altitude. I searched and searched in Google and could not find an answer! Should I return the regulator to 9" of water?

7PM - Walk around the neighborhood.

Little Mavicita and I took a walk around the neighborhood of our Nite Camp. This is a quiet neighborhood of the Pueblo of Buena Vista. There are a few stores open; grocery, paper goods, some food stands.

Just down the street from MsTioga, a husband and wife are selling BBQ corn from a stand alongside the highway. We bought one plain. The Mexican people like BBQ corn with mayo, cheese, powdered chili. Back inside MsTioga, our BBQ corn was buttered and salted only. Good!

The pic below was captured near the corn stand, looking across the highway. Maybe this is why this pueblo is called Buena Vista [Good view].
Buena Vista.


Nite Camp Location