Friday, May 22, 2009

MsTioga maintenance.
Now that our Auto Maintenance Pro [link] software is working, we are catching up on long lagging maintenance items. This morning MsTioga's front wheels are getting aligned. Her front wheel bearings will be repacked. Also, tires will be rotated. Dual tires will be rotated side-to-side and front tires side-to-side also.

Our Ford manual states, "If your vehicle has dual rear wheels, you can rotate the front tires side-to-side without disturbing the rear dual tires." However, MsTioga likes her dual tires rotated, so we will be rotating them too.

We have found a local shop [Zuniga Servicio Automotive] whose equipment includes a nice wheel alignment bay. The mechanic who works the alignment bay is called "El Maestro" [The Master] by other employees. MsTioga and The Team like that!

9AM - In the shop!

The first thing to be done is rotate MsTioga's duallys. As the tires were taken off, I applied Must For Rust to all exposted surfaces that are rusted. Working on stopping MsTioga's oxidation is one of my top priorities.

The next thing, is repacking the front wheel bearings. I have to admit that this is one maintenance item that really slipped after the Auto Maintenance Pro software went bye-bye. The bearings were pretty dry, but still in good condition according to the mechanic.
Greasing a bearing.

After the bearings were repacked, the front tires were rotated. Then came the front wheel alignment, which is another maintenance slip BIG time.
In the alignment bay.

Finishing alignment.

MsTioga gets greased, again!
After the alignment, I wanted MsTioga to get a grease job. She had gotten a grease job a short while back. However, I was not able to view that work.

A few days after that grease job, I was underneath MsTioga. Some of the grease fittings were not greased at all! Including the top grease fittings of the spindle pins and the drive shaft slip yoke.

MsTioga has (11) grease fittings. And this time, all fittings were properly greased.

The cost of this mechanical work.
The cashier in Mexico is called, "Caja" [drawer in English]. Walking down to La Caja to pay the bill, I brought a bunch of $pesos$. When the caja lady told me the price for the job was $530 pesos, it blew me away!

That's for three hours work for a mechanic that everybody in the shop calls El Maestro [The Master]. $530 pesos is $40.81US!

6PM - Blue Boid is gone!
Over the past two days, Blue Boid has been flying very close to me. Wanting to fly on me. Jumping on my hand. We were getting to be pals. In order to keep Blue Boid safe, he lives inside my bedroom.

But I made a mistake!

A man knocked on MsTioga's door. Without thinking, I went to answer the knock and forgot to close the bedroom door. Blue Boid, that sweet little guy flew out into MsTioga's living room. Probably to be close to me, his new pal. Then Blue Boid flew outside, and is gone.

I will never have another bird or pet. This is it. I put all of the seeds into the cage, and put the cage out on the grass lawn of the parking lot for somebody to find and to keep.


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