Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MsTioga needs a brake job?
At our Team Meeting yesterday morning, MsTioga announced to her stunned Team Members that she may need a rear brake job. This may include replacing her brake drums! Wow!

MsTioga had her parking brake adjusted several months back. At that time, the mechanic told MsTioga that her brake drums would not last more than 10,000 miles more. Lately, MsTioga's parking brake is again almost to the floor!

We received a recommendation for a brake shop here in the City of San Miguel de Allende. Later this morning, MsTioga is going to check this shop out.

8AM - Flat tire!
Back when The Team still included our Ms. GQ laptop, we used Auto Maintenance Pro {AMP] to keep track of of our maintenance schedule. When Ms. GQ passed away, something happened to AMP. When we re-installed AMP, our entire maintenance database was gone!

This morning we downloaded the newest version of AMP, and when it came up, somehow AMP found our long-lost database! Man-O-Man! One of the maintenance things that needs to be attended to, is checking MsTioga's tire pressure. And, we found that the right-rear inside tire was at 20psi. Wow! We have been driving on only ONE inflated rear dually tire!

We are very lucky to have re-started AMP at this time or we would not have discoved this flat. Funny thing, the other tire on that dually did not look overloaded! MsTioga has an on-board 120 volt AC air compressor. We used this little compressor to inflate the flat tire. So far the tire pressure is holding. Why did it go flat? It's a mystery!
Jorge watches tire being inflated.

MsTioga at the brake shop.

The brake mechanic at the recommended brake shop told us that he did not want to work on a vehicle as big as MsTioga! Can you imagine that? Hmmmm?

Well, as fate would have it, there happened to be a Ford dealer, just across the street! Amazing! MsTioga drove over to Ford's service department, and was immediately shown right into the shop.

After removing MsTioga's rear brakes, the mechanic used an inside micrometer to measure the brake drum. That dimension was compared to the maximum dimension in the Ford manual. Turns out, that MsTioga's brakes have a lot of life left. And, the brake pads appear to be in good condition too.

While the wheels were off, we used this opportunity to spray Must For Rust on the chassis, leaf springs and other rusty parts. Then we sprayed these parts with anti-corrosion paint. The last thing to be done, was the mechanic adjusted MsTioga's parking brakes.

Cost of the brake work: $750 pesos [$57.75US].


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