Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MsTioga's furnace problem solved!

Yesterday we posted about MsTioga's forced air furnace not working correctly. The furnace blower would come on, but the furnace would not ignite.

Readers wrote in with suggestions about fixing MsTioga's furnace problem. Inside our Tioga-George Forum, a thread was begun and several Readers posted their thoughts about the furnace. One Reader was particularly helpful, and gave detailed instructions how to open up the furnace to gain access to electric components.

The solution turned out to be that during the early morning hours, the furnace had a low input voltage. We are able get around this problem by using MsTioga's engine. We start the engine, and the engine's alternator provides electric current to the furnace. Then, the furnace starts immediately!

10AM - Biking to Miguel Hidalgo's church!
In the early morning hours of September 16, 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo shouted his famous cry for the Independence of Mexico in front of his parish church. Little Mavicita and I are biking on Mr. Trek this morning, to go and visit this famous church.

We want to immerse ourselves in the history of that moment when Mexico broke free from Spain, and declared its independence [link].

1PM - Back from Padre Hidalgo's Iglesia!
Mr. Trek, Little Mavicito and I have just returned from Padre Hidalgo's Iglesia. The church is not the same little church from which the Grito de Dolores was made. The church now is really big!

I need a nap. After resting we'll be back to show you some more pics!
Jorge and Mr. Trek at Padre Hidalgo's.

2:30PM - That was a long nap!
Next door to Padre Hidalgo's church, is the municipal government building. Inside this building, Little Mavacita captured Padre Hidalgo's orginal church bell. A half block away from the bell, is the independence museum.
Hidalgo's church bell.

Entrance of museum.

5PM - Pulled out of Dolores Hidalgo.
MsTioga and The Team decided to leave the City of Dolores Hidalgo. On the way out of town, Little Mavicito spotted an interesting sign.

This sign protests against bribes. In Spanish called mordida, or the bite. There has been a lot of discussion on the RV.NET's Mexico forum about whether bribes should be paid to transit police in Mexico. We on The Team have paid mordida twice.
Stop the bite!

7PM - San Miguel de Allende.
We have arrived in the City of San Miguel de Allende. Made a mistake, and did not take the periphery road. Drove right thru town. Even went the wrong way on a one-way road. Only about 20 feet, however. MsTioga was able to back up without incident.

We have made our Nite Camp in a little side road. There are lots of shops along the nearby highway!
A cemetery is next door!


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