Monday, May 18, 2009

MsTioga's RV furnace.
Something has been not completely right with MsTioga's forced air furnace for quite awhile. For a long time the thinking was that the problem was oxidation in the electrical connectors. So, Caig DeoxIT was sprayed into all terminal connectors. And, that always worked.

This morning, this Caig solution did not work either. We consulted our Hydro Flame Excalibur 8500-II Series Owners Manual. Following the trouble shooting guide, a few furnace components are suspect. High on this suspect list is the "sail switch". The sail switch is an "air prover". If there is insufficient air flow, the switch will not operate and the furnace burner won't ignite. However, the sail switch has not been located. So, it cannot be inspected!

Other suspects could be the "high temperature limit switch". Also, the "Direct Spark Ignition Board" that sends current to the gas valve causing the valve to open. Or, the problem could be the gas valve itself.

Living in Mexico often means depending on our own resources. RV shops are somewhat non-existent here.

Only 200 pesos.

This morning the entire sky is overcast. Little Honda generator is on the job again. As I was setting up the Honda, a young man walked up and asked for money, a hand-out. He asked for 200 pesos.

I've made a promise to myself to help people in need that cross my path. However, this young man was dressed very well. He was carrying a paper sack. Maybe lunch?

Anyway, I replied, "Why do you ask me, and not your friends and family?" An embarrassed look appeared on his face. He backed off, and walked away.

Now I am bothered by my reply. I broke my promise to myself. And, I judged this young man!

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