Thursday, May 14, 2009

New advertisements.
It's an amazing thing for me to be camped here in Guanajuato, Mexico, next to this beautiful lake, working on my website. I love to mess around with my website. Taking pics and writing about stuff. Just great!

It's also a good thing to earn money doing this stuff. A short while back, Reader Don suggested "Project Wonderful" as a new source of ad income. Project Wonderful is different than Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, when Readers click on ads I earn $money$. With Project Wonderful, advertisers pay me to put their ads on my site. Pretty neat, huh?

The new ad states, "Ad by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now $.10". This means that this advertiser is bidding 10 cents/day to place this ad here. Bidding started at $0 yesterday. I'm also using another ad service called "AdBrite".

This stuff with new ads is a big experiment. I've got no idea what comes of this. Sure is exciting though!

8AM - Funicular Railway.
Reader Ann wrote about the Funicular Railway going between El Pipila and Teatro Juarez [Juarez Theater]. MsTioga moved her Camp back up on the hill.

From here we may walk down to the Funicular Railway [link].
MsTioga on the hill again.

12:30PM - Our Guanajuato Hill Camp.
This Camp is swell. Off the road. Under a nice shade tree. During the late afternoon, Little Mavicita and I will walk to El Pipila and take the Funicular Railway down to El Centro.

Until then, we are enjoying our Hill Camp.
Jorge in Guanajuato.

8PM - Safe from the rain!
Have you ever been camping in a tent, and outside is a storm? The rain is coming down, wet and cold. And you are snuggled up inside your tent in your sleeping bag. Dry and warm. Isn't that the greatest thing?

That's how it is tonite in Guanajuato. I'm inside MsTioga. All warm and dry. Outside it is raining. However, before the storm, Little Mavicita and I had an adventure. Would you like to hear about that? Hmmmmmm?

Our Adventure!
Late this afternoon, Little Mavicita and I walked down to El Pipila to ride the Funicular Railway to El Centro. We thought for a moment about taking an umbrella, because it had rained the past two evenings. But then we gave that thought up.

The railway is about a 10 minute walk from our Camp. Then down the stairs next to a museum is the railway. The train car is very small. Only about six passengers this trip. Still, the car was pretty filled up.
Going down.

Going up.

El Teatro Juarez [The Juarez Theater] is very close to the railway. Lots of young people were on the theater steps chatting and messing around.
El Teatro Juarez.

Restaurant Casa Valadez.

This part of Guanajuato is fancy-schmantzy. Pricey shops. Pricey restaurants. However, here in Mexico, even the schmantzyest restaurant is a bargain!

After looking at three restaurants, we chose Restaurant Casa Valadez. This restaurant is on the plaza and across from Teatro Juarez. Giant windows are open to the air. Our table view looks thru two windows. We see Teatro Juarez and The Plaza.
Plaza view.

We want a leisurely supper. So, after looking at the menu for a long time, only an onion soup was ordered. We will order the rest of supper later. Nice french rolls were brought with a somewhat spicy dressing and fresh salsa. The onion soup is delicious.

For the main course, Salmón Al Grill [Grilled Salmon]. The Salmón arrived on a giant plate!
Grilled Salmón topped with pasta.

After supper, a dessert menu was offered. Almost ordered the cheesecake topped with strawberries. Wow! Too much! Had to say no.

However, I could not resist the Capuchino Tradicional.
Love this capuchino!

Cost of Supper: This fine meal, in a first class restaurant, with waiters hovering nearby all the time cost $242 pesos [$17.66US] including the tip! Can you believe?

Viene la tormenta!

A storm came at the end of supper. Lots of lightning and thunder. Heavy rain. And we did not have our giant umbrella! The Funicular Railway is only on the other side of Teatro Juarez. Very close to the restaurant.

During a lull of the rain, we walked to the station and only got a little wet. But they told us that the train does not run in the rain. It looked like the storm would continue for hours. So, we caught a taxi back to MsTioga who is patiently waiting high up on the hill behind Teatro Juarez.

As you may know, it is nice and dry and warm inside MsTioga!


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