Saturday, May 16, 2009

Presa de La Olla.
Late yesterday afternoon, MsTioga wanted to take a drive. So, we took the new road thru the tunnel that ends up near the Chevrolet dealer on the road to San Miguel de Allende. After exploring around awhile, a Nite Camp was made in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express in south Guanajuato.

Around 1am in the morning, there was a stirring among the TiogaRV Team members. It seemed that nobody wanted to wake up at the Holiday Inn. A vote was taken and it was decided to return to the gorgeous Presa de La Olla [La Olla Dam]. So, off we went in the middle of the nite!
Do you see MsTioga across the water?

Our morning walk.
If we were to pick a place to live in Mexico during the summer months, perhaps Guanajuato would be that place. There is something about this Guanajuato neighborhood that attracts! Maybe it's the lake? Maybe the parks?

Little Mavicita and I walked to the Acacia Park and then to Presa San Renovato [dam]. This dam has a lovely garden growing below. And there are animals there!
Revolutionary Miguel Hidalgo in Acacia Park.

A snake below the dam!

A crocodile!

Blue Boid would like to go on a walk.

Guanajuato Camp