Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy day session.
Early this morning, a lite rain fell. It was chilly inside MsTioga. I stayed in bed where it is warm. However, these things did not stop Blue Boid from wanting to go and greet the day with his song!

Blue Boid chirped at me to take off his cage cover and open his door. Boid wants to fly around, look out the window and play his games. Blue Boid has some similar traits to his predecessor, Boid #1. Both Boids liked to buzz bomb me while I am on the computer. Blue Boid has taken to fly right in front of my chest, close to the computer. He is a very funny guy with an adorable personality.

Blue Boid now flies on my hand when there are no seeds there to attract him. He wants to land on my shoulder, but is not sure enough for that. Blue Boid is getting used to being tolerant of the things that I do around his cage. Such as putting away my pillows and blanket into the overhead cabinet. He used to get frantic when I put these things away. Now, he watches closely, calmly looking up at the cabinet.

In the pic below, you see Blue Boid looking at Gringolandia, the neighborhood of our Nite Camp. A neighborhood where a lot of Ameicanos live.
Blue Boid looks out at Gringolandia.

12 Noon - Lavandería!
We have a big load of laundry to do. Even our blanket is going to be washed. A lavandería was found not too far from our Nite Camp. The wash will be done before after 5pm this afternoon.

So, MsTioga and The Team drove around San Miguel de Allende looking for adventure! And guess what we found? A big modern shopping center!

We love the adventure of shopping! Don't you?
MsTioga shopping in San Miguel de Allende.

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