Monday, May 25, 2009

Researching online ad programs.
You may have noticed that lately, the TiogaRV Team has been horsing around with different online ad programs. This is sort of an interesting thing to do. There is a LOT to learn about earning money online.

This morning we were researching affiliate ad programs. We have two affiliate ads right now. One for "Geeks On Tour" and the other for "1&1 Internet". We are researching for an affiliate to replace 1&1, which has not produced any income this month.

This stuff takes time. First the ad program must be found, and an application sent in for our approval. Then, the code for the ad is added to our blogger template. After that, we monitor the results to see how much income is produced.

The best thing about this kind of challenge, is that I'm able to do it from inside MsTioga and in the middle of Mexico. Some kind of miracle?!

2PM - Camped at the WalMart!
Would you believe that MsTioga is Camped at the WalMart? Hmmmm? We started out with a destination of Amealco, a recommendation of our friend Mauricio González of León. Then we saw a Sear's store and turned off to go there. However, somehow we got to the WalMart.

We love to shop at WalMart.

7PM - Nite Camped in Villa del Pueblito.
Little Mavicita asked, "Why are we camping in Villa del Pueblito. This is not the way to Amealco!" MsTioga replied, "If you don't care when you get there, why hurry?"

Why hurry indeed! This afternoon in the parking lot of WalMart, a nice dinner of roast chicken was prepared. A whole roast chicken was bought from the WalMart for $66 pesos [$5.08US]. Also on the menu, fried garlic mushrooms, frijoles bayos enteros [like baked beans] and a nice salad with many different vegetables! Yummm!

Tioga and George in Villa del Pueblito.
Elevation: 5,937 feet - Outside temp: 82°F

8PM - Bike ride.
Little Mavicita and I just came back from a ride around the neighborhood on Mr. Trek. Lately, bike riding is easier than walking. If you are a senior, you may find, as I have found, that with each passing year physical things slip away.

So it is with my walking. Instead of walking straight down the sidewalk, I sort of walk in a crooked line. Side-to-side.

Because I'm now very aware that my physical health is slipping, I value it sooooo much more than when I was many years younger. I have hardly any pains, for which I am very thankful.

Got a hernia!
A couple of weeks ago when a pain came to my upper groin, I figured that it was just a cramp. And would go away. However, that pain came back from time to time. Yesterday evening as I was on the computer, that upper groin pain returned. I probed the pain with my fingers, and found a lump. Pushing on that lump, I felt it retract. I could feel that lump no longer. Oh, my! It is a hernia! Man-O-Man!

I've had two hernia repairs during my lifetime, both in my groin. One repair in the early 1970s, and the other in the mid 1980s. This new hernia is in a different location than those others. Going into my 72nd year, it seems that a hernia repair might be out of the question. I may be too old for that.

Now I will have to seek out a doctor to tell me for sure what is the problem and what are my alternatives for treatment. I don't like going to doctors!
View of the cross on the hill from our Camp.


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