Saturday, May 30, 2009

Suspension shop.
Yesterday afternoon I asked some taxi driver guys for a recommendation for a good suspension shop in Tequisquiapan. They gave me directions to this shop and MsTioga will be going there this morning.

Several ShoutBox posts have offered advice to get a new leaf spring bracket to replace both of MsTioga's that are cracked. I'm going to try to do that. However, if new suspension parts cannot be found, repair is my alternative.

In order to replace or repair the cracked bracket, I believe that the gray water tank must be removed. In yesterday's close-up pic of the cracked bracket, you may see the gray water tank on the bottom of the pic. There is no room for a mechanic to work without dropping this tank.

Another alternative is to locate these brackets in the United States and have them shipped to me here in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. This would include bushings, bolts and whatever else goes along with the brackets.

Below is the only pic of this bracket that I've been able to find on the net so that you will be able to see what this bracket looks like.
Bracket is identified with red arrow.

8AM - Taller de Muelles.
We are looking for a Taller de Muelles. This is a suspension shop that specializes in working with suspension parts. Not a shock absorber and tire shop. Beside the taxi guys who yesterday told us of this shop, several other people told us of this same place.

Now, this is a great story! On arriving at this shop, the shop owner said that his shop is not what we want. He sent his son in their car along with me and we drove to this Taller de Muelles. We had to wait for 1/2 hour before the shop opened. Then the son negotiated with this shop for a price for me.

Now! Isn't that the greatest thing?

9:30AM - Back at the Taller de Muelles.

MsTioga has driven to the suspension shop. They have tons of suspension brackets in stock, and they go thru their stock to find those that fit MsTioga. However, the right size suspension brackets cannot be found in their stock.

We are told to return next Tuesday morning and the correct brackets will be here. Then, the suspension repairs will be done.
MsTioga in the Muelle Shop.

Heavy duty suspension bracket.

11AM - Camped in vacant lot.
After MsTioga filled her water tank at a Pemex gas station, we looked for a quiet Camp. We found our Camp a short distance north of last nite's Camp. We are in a vacant lot.

1:30PM - Rust maintenance.
For the past couple of hours, I've been working on neutralizing the underside oxidation with Must For Rust. This stuff works. It seems to stop the rusting. However, I am really too old for this kind of activity.

Much of my time underneath MsTioga, I spend just looking up at all that stuff! While I was under there this afternooon, it came to me that it will likely take most of the summer to finish deoxidizing MsTioga's underside.

6:30PM - Rain!
Little Mavicita went out in the steady rain to capture this pic for you to see! She is sooooooo brave!

As you may see, MsTioga and The Team are staying the nite in a vacant field. There are some homes close by behind MsTioga.
The Team's Nite Camp in Tequisquiapan.
Elevation: 6,221 feet - Temp outside: 70°F

The lady.
After sundown, while there was still daylight, a lady began doing something under the tree in front of MsTioga. At first it was not clear what she was doing there. The tree branches droop down, covering up. She was bending down. Some of the plants [actually weeds] near her were moving.

Then I was able to see her. The lady is collecting twigs. Twigs that had fallen to the ground. Most often the lady moved on the other side of the tree. She moved slowly, a shuffling walk. She is clothed in a long dress and covered up with a shawl. After over half an hour, she came out on this side of the tree and headed away, moving the shawl to cover her head. She wore leather sandals. Her hair is gray. In her arms is a small cluster of sticks that she collected.

I watched the lady slowly shuffle her way along. I thought about how much I have, compared to her. How comfortable is my life inside MsTioga.


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