Friday, June 05, 2009

Another maintenance day!

7AM - Another maintenance day!
What would we do without maintenance! We love fixing things sooooooo much!

MsTioga is Breakfast Camped near a lumberyard. We want to buy four pieces of lumber to replace Mr. Sunny's solar panel hinge boards. When these boards were installed, they were not properly weatherproofed. As a result, the boards have deteriorated since their March, 2007 installation.

Also, we MUST visit a laundry because I am almost out of T-shirts!

And, MsTioga wants to get her new Monroe shock absorbers. In Spanish, shock absorbers are called "amortiguadores".

9AM - Getting new shocks.
After dropping off our clothes to be washed at a laundry, MsTioga drove to Taller Euzkadi to get her new shock absorbers. René who owns the shop suggested changing brands from Monroe to KYB. We on the TiogaRV Team trust René, so we changed.

An interesting thing happened. After installing KYBs over MsTioga's rear axle, it was found the the KYBs for the front axle had rods that were about 1/2" short. We will return tomorrow when the KYB with the correct rod is available.

This meant that we would be driving without shocks in front. Shop owner René assured me that I would have no problem. "Your shocks have not been working for a long time", said René.

Well, that was a shock to hear! We found out that René was correct. Driving without shocks in front is the same as before. In fact, MsTioga does not drive badly at all without those front shocks!
Made-in-Japan KYB shock with old Monroe.

11AM - Lumberyard.
Buying lumber in Mexico may be a bit different than back in the USA. In Mexico's lumberyards, the lumber is warehoused rough-milled. We found a lumberyard just down the street from Euzkadi.

A lumberyard man accompanied me into the yard and picked out boards with me. Then we went to a planing machine where he milled the boards to the 3/4" thickness that I wanted. The boards were then edged straight, cut to length and then cut to width.

The price for four boards with no knots or cracks is $9.67US. We will paint these boards properly before installing on Mr. Sunny's solar panels.

Repairing MsTioga's ladder.
Some time ago, MsTioga backed into a tree. Why she would do such a thing is beyond comprehension! Anyway, after that accident, the ladder was a bit loose on one side. It gave no trouble until a couple of days ago when the vertical tube separated. We need that tube welded!

René at the shock absorber place told me about Lupe el Pollo [Lupe the Chicken] who is supposed to be an excellent welder. We found Lupe's welding shop close to where we have been Nite Camping. Lupe used a TIG welding machine with aluminum wire to repair the ladder.

Cost for the repair, $100 pesos [$7.78US].
Lupe el Pollo's welding shop.

Lupe fixing MsTioga's ladder.

7:30PM - TiogaRV Nite Camp
Elevation: 6,215 feet - Temperature: 71°F