Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Camp in San Joaquín

7AM - Our Camp in the morning.
Is it paradise? I cannot know for sure, because it is sooooooo new!

The Sun has yet to rise, and Little Mavicita and I are up looking at the day begin. I am still in my pajamas and slippers. My slippers are all wet from the heavy dew on the grass. When you expland the pic below, you may see the dew glistening off MsTioga's roof.

The moisture from the dew must be what keeps the grass so green. There is no sign of rain. Is this one of those forests where moisture drifts in during the nite, only to be captured by the tall tree tops then falling to the earth as rain?
Morning at our Camp in San Joaquín.

1PM - Afternoon walk.

The little grocery store that we told you about yesterday is very convenient for buying fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, candy, cookies; stuff like that. We walked around Campo Alegre [Happy Camp] and then up the hill to the little store.

It is a good time talking to the people at the little store. Everybody is so friendly and upbeat! The lady who owns the store and her daughter run it. I have not memorized their names yet, but the lady who owns the store has lived on this hill for 55 years. When she moved here, there was nobody else living on the hill and maybe only 200 residents in San Joaquín.
Little store and road to our Camp.

6PM - Filling MsTioga's water tank.

There is water for MsTioga's water tank from the sink in the nearby restroom. Water is trudged by bucket and funneled into MsTioga's tank.
Jorge trudging water.
Temperature outside at 6pm: 68°F

Weng tells of Mexico!
The story of Weng and her husband Francisco is not only of star destined lovers. It is a tale of a dream. A miraculous dream. First to find the one person in all the World to fulfill destiny. Then to build a home together anchored in that dream, with hardly anything more than guts and determination.

Today Weng tells of the home that she and Francisco built in the Pueblo of Aticama in Nayarít, Mexico. [link]