Saturday, June 20, 2009

My cardiologist

8AM - My cardiologist.
I met with Dr. Espinoza, my cardiologist in Tequis. He is a very nice man. Excellent patient attitude skills which are very important to me.

Dr. Espinoza gave me an echocardiogram and took my blood pressure. He also used his hands to feel my chest area a great deal. After these tests, Dr. Espinoza explained that while my heart condition is not serious, there is quite a bit of regurgitation [back flow] thru my heart's aortic valve.

He also asked me if I got dizzy? I do get dizzy from time to time. Mostly while working underneath MsTioga or going to lie down in bed. Dr. Espinoza explained that this dizziness is heart related. I've complained to other doctors about dizziness in the past. This is the first time this dizziness has been diagnosed.

My blood pressure is 150/90, the highest that I have seen ever before. When I have returned to San JoaquĆ­n, I am to get my blood pressure taken every two days for a two week period and return the results to Dr. Espinoza.

Also, I am to begin taking (1) 100mg aspirin each day.

I do NOT need an aortic heart valve replacement! Yay!
Pedregal Medical Group-Tequisquiapan

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MsTioga wants new shades.
For quite awhile now, MsTioga has been hinting that she does not care for our mini-blinds. Some blinds do not open/close right. The cords come loose from the bottom rail. Stuff like that! Of course we listen to MsTioga and have tried a few times to purchase replacement mini-blinds. Unfortunately, we were not successful.

Recently while visiting in the home of our friends, Pete and Jimena, we admired their mini-blinds. Their blinds worked so easily and smoothly as well. This afternoon MsTioga drove over to Suzy's, the store where Pete and Jimena bought their blinds.

Suzy's took MsTioga mini-blind measurements and on Monday will give us a cost to repair or replace. MsTioga is sooooooo happy!