Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Belgian Waffles!

Belgian Waffles!
As the members of my immediate family would tell you, I have been on a quest for the Belgian Waffle for over forty years. I am now able make a Belgian waffle that comes out of the waffle iron without sticking, is nicely brown and slightly crispy. Every time, too!

I never use one of those all-in-one package mixes! These never work for me. My waffle batter needs a real egg and real oil and real milk. Heating the iron properly is essential to avoid sticking. I drop a little water in the iron, and if it sizzles it's ready for batter. As soon as the waffle iron is filled with batter, turn the iron over. This gets the waffle batter distributed evenly.

Turn the iron over on the stove every minute or so. Don't peek at the waffle before at least five minutes or the waffle may separate. Better too long on the stove, than too short! Never wash the iron with soapy water. Only clear water. Never grease the waffle iron!
A Belgian Waffle!

The iron.

10:30AM - San Joaquín.

The Team's Plan was to come down to the City of Tequisquiapan, see the cardiologist then return to our forest Camp in the Pueblo of San Joaquín. However, it has been a bit cooler down here in Tequis at 6,000 foot elevation. It is likely quite a bit cooler at over 8,000 feet of San Joaquín.

So, we will be searching for adventure down here!

How far can one act of kindness reach?

Sometimes an incident in a person's life can change everything from then on. Reader Chris wrote about the passing of a loved one. That sad incident got Chris to thinking how things could be better. A lot better!

So, Chris started the Altruismed Project which asks the question:
"How far can one act of kindness reach?"

You may read about Chris' project [here].

2PM - San Juan del Rio.
Not too far south of Tequis is the City of San Juan del Rio [SJDR]. MsTioga and The Team decided to take a trip down there to see what's what!

We drove all over this city, just looking around. When we reached the southwest of SJDR, we made a Camp in a large empty field next to a city park.
MsTioga and Jorge in San Juan del Rio.

Sunday, July 5th - Election Day in Mexico!
Hundreds of cars and thousands of people have come together this afternoon to parade for their candidates in the upcoming, July 5th election. There is excitement here. This excitement is in the faces of the people. In the way they are running around putting balloons and candidate signs onto cars.

When we made our Camp here at 2pm, there was not one car parked near MsTioga.

Election Parade in San Juan del Rio!