Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Electronically endowed!

1AM - Electronically endowed!
Truck traffic on the nearby Mexico Hwy #57 got too loud for sleeping. So, MsTioga and The Team broke Camp and moved thru the center of San Juan del Rio [SJDR] away from the noise. There is no way that we would know where to go without our Garmin GPS! But with the Garmin, MsTioga drove thru the quiet old colonial streets of SJDR knowing exactly where we were. It is fantastic!

There would have been tons of traffic here if it had been daytime. But at this early morning hour, hardly any cars were driving. We drove to the eastern side of town and made a Camp. Mr. Datastorm went up and put us online. Mr. Wave6, our noble catalytic heater cranked up because it is only 58°F outside.

Isn't MsTioga a miracle home? She has everything!

Going shopping for the party!
If you tuned into our July 2009 Trip Plan, you know that we are going to a party! Aunt Shirley & Uncle Seymour are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. It is also Shirley's 80th birthday!

Aunt Shirley wrote me an email that my usual clothing is a bit too casual for this shin-dig. " jeans, shorts or sandals...." I used to have dress shirts, sport jackets, suits, ties, the whole thing. When I became a vagabonder-supreme, all of that stuff got donated to the Goodwill Store.

So, it is necessary to go shopping. And you know how very much I love shopping. Look what I bought. Do I look spiffy, or what?
Jorge dressed to party!