Sunday, June 07, 2009

Evening with Pete and Jimena.

Evening with Pete and Jimena.
Pete and Jimena Shuster live in Tequisquiapan. You may recall that I met Pete and Jimena while doing an online search of Tequisquiapan. Pete wrote a story based on his life experience of moving from the United States and retiring in Tequisquiapan, Mexico.

Yesterday evening, the three of us went out together for supper. We went to T-Bone Restaurant, and all bought the restaurant's aracherra, a wonderfully tasting and tender piece of beef. Huge portion too!

After supper, we drove around the City of Tequis passed some of their favorite eating places so that I would know where these places are located. Then we returned to their lovely home in the central part of Tequisquiapan, and talked the nite away.

Pete and Jimena have some strong opinions about foreigners coming to live in Tequisquiapan.
  • They feel that foreigners should leave their customs back home and integrate into the customs of Mexico. "Don't try to change Tequisquiapan into how you lived back home".
  • We hope that wealthy people will stay away from Tequisquiapan. If you have maybe $50 to $100K to buy a home, you are the kind of neighbors we want.
  • We would like Tequisquiapan never to become what the area around Lake Chapala has become. Property prices have soared around Lake Chapala by a flood of retirees who have changed the area into a mini-USA.
Have ever thought to yourself that you may like to live in Mexico? Are you having financial challenges in retirement?

Perhaps you should click on this [link] and read what Pete Shuster has written about his beloved Tequisquiapan!

Pete, Jorge and Jimena at T-Bone's.

Taking a chance on Mexico.
MsTioga wants to suggest something to you. How about just coming for a visit to Tequisquiapan. Maybe stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks. Write to Pete and Jimena and ask them for a suggestion of a hotel to stay.

This would be sort of a test-the-waters kind of thing. Then, if you like how you feel about Tequis, you may wish to extend your stay by renting an apartment, or maybe even a home for a month.

Who knows what may come of this adventure for you? Take a chance!

3:30PM - RV Campgrounds.
Reader NoopDoggy asked if there are RV campgrounds around Tequisquiapan. Well, that is an excellent question. We looked in our Church's "Mexican Camping" and found three RV Campgrounds a bit north of town.

MsTioga is heading there right now to take a look-see!

We drove into the first RV Campground which is called, "El Oasis". This place is mostly a large aquatic park with many pools and water slides. The camp for RVs is a large grass covered area that sort of looks like a graveyard! Water is available, but not at each site. They claim that a dump station is available, but it is underneath low trees and does not look to be used much.

The cost per nite for one person in an RV is $50 pesos [$3.85US]. This means that two people in an RV would cost $100 pesos.
El Oasis has 120 volt AC power and hot showers.

5PM - Town of Ezequiel.
MsTioga is Nite Camped in the farming Town of Ezequiel. We are fairly close to Peña de Bernal, a large and famous rock. We will drive to Bernal in the morning.

Our Nite Camp is behind a primary school.
MsTioga in Ezequiel.
Elevation: 6,496 feet - Temperature outside: 82°F