Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flying to California

Flying to California
This morning we published a bit of our July, 2009 Trip Plan. Little Mavicita and I will be flying to California in July and we both are very excited about this trip!

You may read about what will be happening by tuning in to our Trip Plan [link].

9AM - Maintenance stuff.
We are really staying on top of our maintenance chores. Ever since we got our "Auto Maintenance Pro" [link] software working again, chores are being completed and accounted for easily.

This morning we checked both under-hood batteries, anti-freeze level, power steering fluid level, windshield washer fluid level and wipers for condition.

Movies for Father's Day!
This afternoon I decided to kick back and watch movies to celebrate Father's Day. The first movie is "Troy" starring Brad Pitt who plays Achilles, the greatest warrior of those far back mythological times. Just when the fighting was getting really good, the movie stopped. Wow!

Then I watched "No Country For Old Men" starring Tommy Lee Jones who plays a modern day western sheriff. Jones' accent is wonderful. This movie has a lot of crime and killing.

After the movies I took a long nap to recover!