Friday, June 26, 2009

A gentle rain

A gentle rain
Just after midnite, a gentle rain began to fall. A perfect rain for the Earth and all its growing things. Is this rain falling on the forest where we camped in San Joaquín. We sure hope so because this rain will make the grass soooooo green!

It is now 5:30am, and the gentle rain continues to fall. A little while ago all of MsTioga's cabinets and windows were checked for leaks and not one leak was found! A tribute to Jose the fiberglass guy and his fabulous work.

A fiberglass roof!
If you began following MsTioga's adventures after the Spring of 2007, you may not know about MsTioga's fiberglass and paint job. MsTioga and The Team were traveling south in the southern state of Baja California, Mexico at that time. We were looking for a fiberglass shop in the City of Constitución. This city has a reputation for having many body shops.

We did not know when we first arrived in Constitución that the fiberglass work that we wanted for MsTioga would be far beyond the ability of nearly all body shops. What we were looking for was a master of fiberglass, a repairer and builder of fishing boats!

Jose the fiberglass guy was recommended to us, and the owner of a body shop actually had us follow him to Jose's shop. You may read about our fantastic adventure at Jose's Fiberglass Shop by clicking [here].