Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is Tequisquiapan a spectacular town?

Is Tequisquiapan a spectacular town?
How do RVing vagabonds find out that a place where they at is spectacular? This is not an easy question. Some places sort of sneak up on you. And then, without you even knowing what is happening, you love the place! Wow!

MsTioga and The Team had a tiny hunch that Tequisquiapan was different. But we could not nail down what that difference was. The neighborhood of our Nite Camps is part of this mystery. The homes there are newer. The cobblestone streets there are wider, and well swept.

The small road that goes south from the Aurerra Bodega store surprised us last Sunday. It went clear across Tequisquiapan. And then there was that part of the road that almost touched the hotels and the big Mercado [Market] that was so busy that day.

This Tequisquiapan is a mysterious place. Maybe that is why we are hanging around here? It takes time to solve a mystery.

9AM - New shocks for MsTioga?
MsTioga received new shock absorbers last in April, 2006. That is 29,000 miles ago. They are Monroe shocks, installed by Jose's Auto of Concord, California. We wanted heavier duty shocks. However, Jose misunderstood, and installed shocks that are specified for a Ford van. MsTioga is hauling a load much heavier than specs.

Here in the Town of Tequisquiapan, we have asked a shop to look into installing heavier duty shocks. The shop that we are going to for shocks, is not Taller Suspensiones Cruz, the shop that has been selected to replace the leaf spring brackets. This shop is Taller Euzkadi, a shop that seems a bit more into shock absorbers than heavy duty suspension repairs.

Heavy duty shocks.
René Quijada, the owner of Taller Euzkadi told me that MsTioga definitely may be equipped with heavy duty shocks. These HD shocks will be bigger in diameter than the present Monroe shocks and have a large spring on the working end.

René's supplier will call later this afternoon with the price for these HD shocks. We will stop by tomorrow morning to receive the price and give the go-ahead for their purchase.

1PM - East side of Tequisquiapan.
MsTioga has driven to the east side of Tequisquiapan, and made an Afternoon Camp. It is much more country-like here. Empty fields. Mountains in the distance.
East Tequisquiapan Camp.
Elevation: 6,377 feet - Temperature: 79°F

3PM - Pete comes to call.
In yesterday's last blog post, I linked to a story written by Peter Shuster, who lives in Tequisquiapan. Here is that [link] again. After sending Pete an email telling him that I was in town, I received an invitation to his home this evening.

This afternoon, Pete drove up to MsTioga's Camp and knocked on the door. He just happened to be driving by and saw us here. Pete was out driving with his wife and guests from Nicarugua.

I will be visiting Pete and his wife this evening at their home in Central Tequisquiapan.