Monday, June 15, 2009

Medicine in Mexico

Medicine in Mexico
All this news about medical care lately, got me to thinking about when I was sick in Mexico. In February, 2007, I was living in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia in Baja California South. I got sick and went to see Dr. Leonel Orozco Aviles, an internist with over 35 years experience.

Dr. Orozco gave me a prescription for chest X-rays, and then determined that I had pneumonia. He arranged for me to be cared for at the Hospital de Salud, where I stayed three nights and four days.

Nurses cared for me around the clock. In addition to Dr. Orozco seeing me every morning, a hospital doctor called on me twice a day. The food was good. On the third day I was feeling pretty good. But Dr. Orozco had me stay one more day.

Cost of medical care:
  • Dr. Orozco office visits: $145US
  • Hospital: 154US
  • X-Ray: 46US
  • Total: $345US

2PM - Walking the ridge line.

Our favorite walk is along the ridge line of the hill opposite our Camp. Today as we reached the ridge, some sheep came up the other side of the hill. They are sooooo cute.

Farther up the ridge, we came across some turkeys. One big guy turkey seemed to be protecting the lady turkeys.

We visited for an hour with the ladies at the grocery store, then returned to MsTioga.
Path below the ridge.

Looking down the ridge.

The sheep.

The turkeys.