Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mr. Datastorm had a problem!

Mr. Datastorm had a problem!

Yesterday afternoon, our Mr. Datastorm had a problem. His azimuth axis drive motor locked up. Fortunately for Mr. Datastorm and the TiogaRV Team, we have a fantastic Datastorm dealer.

Our Datastorm/Motosat dealer is Steve O'Bosky. Last year, Steve suggested that MsTioga carry on board, several spare Datastorm parts, one of which was an azimuth axis drive motor. So, within about 1/2 an hour, we had our spare azimuth motor installed. Isn't this the greatest thing?

If you are thinking about buying a Datastorm for your RV, you might consider buying your Datastorm from him. It is great having a Datastorm dealer of this quality.

And perhaps send Steve an email thanking him for helping MsTioga and The Team!
Steve O'Bosky email:

9AM - Shock absorbers.
MsTioga is at Taller Euzkadi to receive her front shock absorbers. You may recall yesterday shocks with the wrong size rod were delivered.

After installation, MsTioga drove around town. She steers so straight now, and is able to drive over rough streets much faster than before!

Cost of the shocks with installation, $200US.

12 Noon - Painting Mr. Sunny's boards.
We were going to paint Mr. Sunny's boards in a vacant lot. Instead we decided to do the painting where all the action is going on. Right near the highway.

In the pic below, the four boards have their paint drying in the sunshine.
Mr. Sunny's painted boards leaning on MsTioga to dry.
Temperature outside at 4PM: 80°F

Guess who has a dinner date tonite?
Who do you think has the dinner date? Hmmmmmm? Did you make a guess? Who is it?

Did you guess Jorge? You did! You are sooooooo smart!

OK, now. Who is going out to dinner with Jorge? Did you guess a beautiful woman? You did! Wow! You are right again!

OK, I bet you can't guess right three times in a row. Who is going out to dinner with Jorge and the beautiful woman? Did you make a guess? Who is it?

Did you guess her husband? Right again!