Monday, June 01, 2009

MsTioga - Better Than New!

MsTioga - Better Than New!
It is absolutely true. MsTioga is better than new! MsTioga was born in 1991, which would give her an age of about 18 years. This morning MsTioga has 119,829 miles on her odometer. Even so, we on The TiogaRV Team claim that MsTioga is better than new!

How are we so bold, to make this outrageous claim?
  • Fiberglass roof and sides. No rain comes into MsTioga.
  • Fully hooked up everywhere. Mr. Sunny and Mr. Datastorm provide electrical and internet connections everywhere we Camp.
  • Electric leveling system. Mr. Levelers levels out MsTioga in only a minute.
  • Computer system. We have two computers, Mr. Chips and Ms. Viola.
Now that we are using a computerized maintenance program, it is easy to keep up with the many maintenance details that are required aboard MsTioga. We are able to continually research maintenance items and add new items to the computerized program. Very often our wonderful Readers email suggestions for improving maintenance, and these suggestions are added to our maintenance program.

We take excellent care of MsTioga's mighty engine. When engine oil looks a little dirty, the oil gets changed. We don't wait for 3,000 miles. Uh, uh! We are constantly looking over all parts and equipment, searching for anything needing maintenance.

We believe that The TiogaRV Team has the resources to replace or repair anything required. Engine, transmission, rear-end. Anything! MsTioga is mostly likely to be our very last home. And, we want MsTioga to last for as long as that home is needed by the TiogaRV Team!

TiogaRV finances.
Thanks to the generosity of our Federal Government, The TiogaRV Team income and expense statement for May, 2009 is fantastic! The Feds sent our Economic Stimulus checks this month. $550 dollars in all. And, we are soooooooo thankful. You would not believe!

You may take a look at our Income and Expense statements by clicking on the "Behind the Scenes" section of our home page. Or, click [here].

NOTE: I received two extra payments during May, 2009 from the federal government. One by check for $300 and one direct deposited for $250. Both of these payments came from Social Security. At this time, I do not know for sure why I received these payments. When I do know, I will let you know!

12 Noon - Marcelino's Mechanic Shop.
After receiving two recommendations for working on MsTioga's rear end, we finally found a shop that we believe knows what they are doing. MsTioga is at Marcelino's Shop, where she will have her differential drained of oil, cleaned and refilled with clean oil. Also, MsTioga's rear axle bearings will be removed, checked, cleaned and reinstalled.
Marcelino's the Mechanic's Shop.

Inside MsTioga's differential.

MsTioga's left rear axle and bearing.

5PM - Job complete!
MsTioga's rear axle bearings both appear to be in good condition. After cleaning the bearings, they were greased up and returned to their position inside the axle.

The differential gear box was cleaned. The new gasket was covered with sealant, and the box's cover re-installed. The differential box was filled with the specified 90 weight oil.

Total cost for this job, $1,000 pesos [$78US].

Adrián and Martín.
The mechanics who worked on MsTioga are Adrián and Martín. During the day I spent a lot of time with these two men. Both are very experienced mechanics. Other people call them maestro [master]. They call each other maestro as well.

The three of us ate lunch together up on the shop's office roof. Both are real nice guys. Offered to share their BBQ chicken lunch with me. They get to buy lunch once each week. The other days, they bring lunch from home. Both are married, with children. They had lots of questions about me. Did I like Mexico? Where do I go? Do I have a girl friend in Mexico?
Adrián [above] and Martín.

Let's talk turkey!
This morning I posted about receiving my Federal Stimulus checks. Also, I published the link to my Income and Expense statement. Then messages from Readers about my income began arriving. It appears as though some do not understand the reason for my posting my finances. Some appear jealous. Some condemn for bragging.

From the very beginning of my blog and website, the "TiogaRV Team Mission" has been posted at the bottom of my blog. I am writing mainly to get people to do this vagabonding life. My finances are posted openly in order for my fellow RVers to believe that if I am able to do it, they will be able to do fulltime RVing too.

That's the reason why I am so very open with my life and finances. It never occurred to me that some may consider my Income & Expense statements as in-your-face bragging. However, times are different now. Some Readers are suffering financially. As small as my Social Security pension and AdSense income are, now these amounts may seem pretty good to some whose pensions have evaporated.

I am going to continue being open with my finances as I have done in the past. Hopefully, if you are a Reader who is suffering financially, with this explanation, you may understand.