Tuesday, June 02, 2009

MsTioga going to a suspension shop.

MsTioga going to suspension shop.

This morning MsTioga is going to have her four suspension brackets replaced at the Cruz Brothers Suspension Shop here in the City of Tequisquiapan. The brackets that are being replaced connect the leaf springs to MsTioga's chassis

You may recall that within the past few weeks, two of these brackets have been found with cracks. One bracket was repaired by welding. However, many Readers wrote to us expressing opinions that these brackets should be replaced instead of repaired. We on the TiogaRV Team have come to agree with these Readers.

Federal money mystery solved!
Reader Jim Kraft sent an email solving the mystery of my Economic Stimulus money. You may recall that during May [last month], I received two extra checks from Social Security.

Jim wrote that last year, people on Social Security received $300 as part of the 2008 Federal Economic Stimulus. I did not receive that $300 until last month because I filed my Federal taxes for 2007 six months late.

The $250 that I received is the One-Time Economic Recovery Payment that was mailed out to people on Social Security during May, 2009.

So, thank you Reader Jim Kraft for solving this money mystery!

Gasoline gauge mystery solved!
Do you remember a few days ago, MsTioga reported that her gas gauge was stuck on 100% full? Hmmmmm? Well, guess what? The reason that her gas gauge was on full, is because the tank was actually filled with gasoline!

It seems that the Pemex gas station attendant must have gone to extra efforts to top-off MsTioga's tank! Anyway, the gas gauge is operating normally now.

10AM - Suspension installation postponed!

Taller de Suspensiones Cruz [Cruz Suspension Shop] claimed that the parts would arrive this afternoon. We decided to postpone our installation until Thursday. By that time the suspension brackets should be purchased. If not they are likely unavailable.

11AM - Website work.
MsTioga is Day Camped behind the Aurrera Bodega store [WalMart]. This is a quiet street where we will be working on our MsTioga Magazine website [link].

Some of our MsTioga Magazine stories earn AdSense income every month. We never know if a new story will be a winner. AdSense provides a valuable routine called "Channels" which allow AdSense publishers to track performance. Using AdSense channel reports, a publisher is able to find out how much a single page earned over a defined period of time.

Pretty neat being down here in Mexico working on money making webpages, huh?

New Solar Energy stuff.
As you may imagine, the TiogaRV Team is very interested in new developments in the solar energy field. Today we will be researching in this area with the idea of publishing a new MsTioga Magazine solar energy page.

MsTioga published another "Tips" page.
MsTioga and The Team got together at a team meeting. We shared ideas about stuff that we do that might interest other RVers.

Here is what came from that meeting! [link]

Retirement in Tequisquiapan?

I found this astounding webpage about retiring in the City of Tequisquiapan. Amazing read for you if you have ever considered retiring in Mexico. And, even if you have not considered Mexico for retirement, you may enjoy this read [link].