Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MsTioga has visitors!

MsTioga has visitors!
It seems that our neighbors have become very curious about MsTioga! Late yesterday afternoon, a bunch of ladies who have homes around the little Happy Camp store where we buy groceries came walking by our Camp. When I saw them walking by, I went outside and asked, "Quiere pasar para mirar a dentro?" [You want to go inside and look around?"]. I saw a bunch of heads shaking "YES!" It was then that I knew that they came especially out of curiosity for MsTioga.

MsTioga loves visitors, and is very proud of her looks, both inside and out!

Jorge goes to town!
This morning Little Mavicita and Jorge have decided to walk to El Centro of town for the very first time. We have been living in San Joaquín for seven days now, and it is time to get to know the rest of this town.

Our route to El Centro goes up the hill and passed the Happy Camp Grocery store. Then down the hill to the center of town. We do not know if we will be walking back to Camp. If we buy things in town, we may take a camioneta [little pickup truck] back to Camp. Camionetas are used like taxis here in San Joaquín.
Beginning our walk downhill.
Just passed the Happy Camp Grocery store.

The road down to El Centro winds along the hillside, and is pretty steep most times. When we got to the town, Little Mavicita was surprised to find that the stores have sign codes. Also paint color codes.
The signs are the same style.

We came to the intersection where last week MsTioga began going up the BIG hill. Even with the pistons of MsTioga's mighty engine pounding with unyielding power, she still had some tense seconds in the last moments of the climb!

MsTioga has been asking our neighbors for an alternate route to go back down without descending the BIG hill. There is a way. That is a relief to know!
MsTioga does NOT want to go down this hill.

MsTioga has asked us to buy some spray paint for her maintenance needs. We bought two cans in a hardware store. One black and one white. Then continued down to the highway at the bottom of the valley. From here we could look way up to where we began today's walk.
Happy Camp is way up near the antennas.

We hired a camioneta to take us back to Happy Camp and MsTioga. Cost is $30 pesos [$2.34US]. Not a bad price!

During our walk around El Centro, we found a bank with an ATM [very important!]. Also, a lavandería [laundry]. Extremely important!