Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My friend Weng

8AM - Solar panel boards.
You may recall us working on new boards for our tilting solar panel mechanism. Last week these new boards were painted to prevent weathering. When the original boards were installed in March, 2007, they were not properly painted. As a result, these board deteriorated and cracked as you may see in the pics below.

It took a few days for the paint on the new boards to completely dry. Now, we are installing these boards.
Old board.

New board.

9AM - Mountain Pueblo of San Joaquín.
MsTioga and The Team headed out of the Pueblo of Higuerillas bound for the mountain Pueblo of San Joaquín. Some on The Team are concerned that Mr. Dometic will have problems at the elevation of San Joaquín.

Mr. Dometic is not worried, however. Mr. Dometic says, "My overheating condition was an accident. Jorge cranked down my temp too much. Won't happen again!"

Well, that is good news!

Wonderful road and buses.

As we traveled along the highway to San Joaquín, MsTioga mentioned that she thought that the highway is in marvelous condition for such a sparsely populated area. Also, there are local buses traveling along the highway to transport people to all of the little pueblos. These are big buses, the size of Greyhound!

12 Noon - Camped in San Joaquín.

As MsTioga climbed steadily higher, the land turned from arid to forest. Pine trees began appearing. When we arrived in the Pueblo of San Joaquín, we found this place to be a mountainside town because most of the homes are built on the side of the mountain.

We passed thru the center of town where there is no place for us to park. MsTioga climbed a very steep hill. Perhaps the steepest hill MsTioga ever climbed! MsTioga had her pedal to the metal going up this hill! Very unusual. At the top of this hill, Mr. DeLorme reported the elevation to be 8,034 feet.

We have made our Camp on the only level part of the roadway that we could find. MsTioga had to back in here.
Our Camp high above the center of San Joaquín.

Walking the high road.
Little Mavicita and I walked way up the high road, above the town. We talked with some kids riding bicycles. We talked with some ladies sitting in front of a little store.

Both the kids and the ladies suggested that I drive MsTioga into the forest. "There's a park in the forest and it's libre", they told us. We love the word "libre".

In the pic below Little Mavicita captured a pano pic of the town. MsTioga may be barely seen on the far left.
San Joaquín from the high road.

4PM - Camping in the park.

MsTioga drove up the high road and passed the little store where we talked with the ladies. The kids on bicycles saw MsTioga drive by, and followed behind. When we were in the forest, the kids showed us where the park is located.

It is a lovely park with grass and trees.
MsTioga in the park #1

MsTioga in the park #2
Temperature at 5PM: 71°F - Elevation: 8,030 feet

My friend Weng.
Yesterday I introduced you to "My friend Weng" and her new blog. Weng is not the first person that I talked to about writing a blog. There have been others I met in Mexico. Others who I felt had a story to tell and might benefit with income from the AdSense program. However, Weng is the first person to actually take me up on this idea.

I have to tell you that I am overwhelmed with Weng's story and her writing. Weng's "Pen Pal" post had me tearing up! [link]