Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My heart

My heart

When I was born I had a bicuspid aortic valve in my heart. That means a valve that has two lips instead of the normal three. As a result, my aortic valve leaks a little blood as my heart pumps because the valve does not close completely. As time goes by, the amount of blood leaking back gets more and more.

Just recently, I started having problems because of this condition. Since my blood carries my oxygen, when enough blood begins to leak back, I don't get enough air to breathe properly.

Doctors told me years ago, that I would likely need an aortic valve replacement by my 68th year. I am now 71. It seems a good idea to go see a doctor to find out what is going on. I now have three major health issues.
  • My heart and not breathing properly
  • Possible hernia
  • Enlarged prostate
Other than these three health things, I really feel great. I have no aches or pains. My daily workouts with dumb bell weights keep me in good shape. My diet is pretty healthy now.

2PM - MsTioga's rust removing job.

You may recall that MsTioga's underside got rusty while we stayed at the beach at Matanchen Bay. We promised MsTioga that we would remove all that rust and repaint her to look great like before!

Well, this afternoon we finished that rust removing job! We used "The Must For Rust" to remove and inhibit the rust. Then we painted all of MsTioga's underside.

MsTioga says, "I put my tire tread of approval on "The Must For Rust."
Jorge showing "Must For Rust!"