Monday, June 08, 2009

Peña de Bernal

Peña de Bernal.
Yesterday afternoon MsTioga headed north to check out RV Campgrounds for readers who asked for info. We had intended to return to Tequis the same afternoon. However, after checking out the RV Campgrounds it was late, and we made a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Ezequiel.

Now we find that our location is very close to the huge rock, Peña de Bernal. We had a Team Meeting this morning to decide what to do. It was voted to continue on to Peña de Bernal!

12 Noon - Below the magical rock!
As we were approaching the magical rock [link], Peña de Bernal, Little Mavicita woke up from his nap to capture a pic. Then, we drove into the Pueblo of Bernal to make Camp.
Close to la peña.

MsTioga feels the energy of the magical rock!

Bernal is very quiet.
Little Mavicita and I walked up and down the streets of Bernal. We did not see even one tourist. We only saw townspeople. We walked up the hill toward the center of Bernal. Hardly any traffic on the streets.
A person could sleep safely in the street.

Following a young couple up some steps, we found the center of Bernal. In all of Bernal, only one restaurant is open. Nearly every table was filled in Gorditas "Doña Coco."

I ordered three gorditas and drank two Boing! These black gorditas made from black corn are fantastic!
Doña Coco's menu.

Black corn gorditas.

5PM - Camped high up in Bernal.
MsTioga and The Team drove up a big hill and have made our Nite Camp on the south side of Bernal. Below is a pano pic of what we see looking from MsTioga's window.

This is a very large pic. Click twice on this pic and you may enlarge the view to see the beauty of our Camp. Scroll from side to side to see total enlarged image.
View looking south from our Bernal Nite Camp.
Temperature outside at 7:30pm: 74°F - Elevation: 6,974 feet