Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Rain

The Rain
We have been having a drought. There has been no rain since MsTioga and The Team arrived in San Joaquín. Neighbors told that rain is expected every few days in the month of June.

Just passed midnight, we heard pit-pats on MsTioga's roof. Rain! Then about 1am, a BIG downpour. It rained hard for over an hour.

When Sunrise arrived, a thick layer of fog covered the forest.
Rain brought a foggy morning.

3PM - Appointment with a doctor.
My friends Pete and Jimena Schuster got me an appointment with a cardiologist in Tequis. Pete and Jimena, as you may recall, live in Tequis. This doctor is Jimena's cardiologist.

MsTioga and The Team are breaking out San Joaquín Camp and heading down to Tequis. Our appointment with the doctor is for tomorrow afternoon. The purpose of this doctor's visit is to determine the condition of my heart. As I wrote to you in a recent post, I have a congenital aortic valve heart defect.

5:30PM - Arrived in Tequisquiapan.

It took MsTioga three hours to make the trip from San Joaquín to Tequisquiapan. The distance driven is only 55 miles. However, MsTioga drives less than 25 miles/hour on the mountain road from San Joaquín to the highway south. Also, Jorge had to take a few naps!

MsTioga is now Camped in Tequis in the neighborhood of our friends, Pete and Jimena. We spent a nice evening at Pete and Jimena's home chatting about a zillion things.

Radio problem.
This afternoon when MsTioga's radio was turned on, the volume was really low. What a bummer, because we wanted to listen to the news with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Then, it dawned on us to try using Caig DeoxIT. You may know that we rave about Caig DeoxIT.

Anyway, MsTioga pulled over and we sprayed the radio's cable jack with Caig. Immediately the radio's volume returned to normal. We LOVE Caig! [link].

10PM - Crazy in love with RVing.

I have a confession to make to you. I love living in my RV! It just blows me away that a few hours ago I was at home in the forest of San Joaquín. This evening I spent with friends in Tequisquiapan. And right now my Camp is next to the now-being-built Best Western Hotel, also in Tequis.

A saxophone soloist in the hotel is playing blues. It is sooooooo beautiful. I am so very lucky to be living this RVing life!