Friday, June 12, 2009

Readers ask?

Readers ask?
We have received emails asking questions about The Team.

The place where you are now is really nice. Are you going to stay there?
Yes and no. Our present Camp in San JoaquĆ­n is soooooo great, we likely will stay here for awhile. However, when we need supplies only available in a big town, MsTioga may go to Ezequiel Montes 44 miles away or Tequisquiapan 55 miles distant.

How is your hernia? Are you going to a doctor?
My hernia is not too much of a problem. I feel it every once in awhile. I'm not planning on a doctor visit unless it gets worse.

How's Mr. Dometic doing? Is he still overheating?
He is doing really well. No overheat after that incident about a week ago. Don't know why that overheat occurred! However, just before the overheat occurred I changed Mr. Dometic's temp control to lower the fridge temp a bit. Maybe that caused the overheat?

How about letting us see your food pics again?
OK! Here's today's breakfast. An omelette, fried potatoes, fruit and juice.
Omelette breakfast.

1PM - View of Campo Alegre.
Little Mavicita went up the hill a bit to look down at Campo Alegre [Happy Camp]. Below is the pic she captured from up there.

Many palapas for protection from the weather may be seen.
Campo Allegre.

Weng and Francisco.
Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Weng and Francisco's marriage. Mail Order Bride! Wow!

It may seem from reading Weng's blog that she and Francisco are well off. A cliff side home in Aticama, Mexico. Another home in Portland, Oregon. However, this is not the actual perspective of their lives.

In Weng's first blog post, she writes about living in Apollo. Weng does not mention that Apollo is an older motor home, their present residence in Portland. The home that Francisco and Weng have in Mexico, they built themselves. Construction proceeding year-by-year as money saved. Paid for by working like crazy for six months each year in Portland, so that they may live their dream in Mexico for the other six months of the year. [link]