Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retiring In Mexico

Living In Mexico
Confessions of an RVing Vagabond

There is no doubt that when I first thought of living fulltime in my RV, the idea of fulltiming in Mexico never crossed my mind. My main goal back in 2003, was to live within my income and always be in "T-shirt and Short Pants" [TSSP] weather.

That first year as winter approached, MsTioga and I traveled to Baja California, Mexico. We Camped for several weeks in Rosarito Beach, only 20 miles south of the International Border. Then we returned to the USA to search for adventure while remaining in TSSP weather. We continued returning to the Bajas of Mexico every winter until the end of 2007. Then, we entered Mainland Mexico for the very first time!

Little did we know as we crossed the International Border at the City of Nogales in the State of Sonora, Mexico, that MsTioga would not be returning to the USA. That was in November, 2007. A year later in 2008, we Camped for six months in the Pueblo of Aticama. We had found "T-shirt and short pants" weather on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

As the summer of 2009 approached, we knew that the coast would become hot and humid. Searching for adventure and our TSSP weather, we traveled into the Sierras, the mountain ranges of Mexico. However, instead of traveling thousands of miles as in the United States, here in Mexico we found TSSP in less than 500 miles.
T-shirt and short pants weather in Mexico.

"What do you do all day?"
Reader Alex from the State of Washington asks, "What do you do all day in that paradise where you are at now?" Several other readers have asked similar questions.

MsTioga replies: I think that I should answer this question because Jorge may not be be completely truthful. Here is what Jorge does in order of time spent.
  • Listening to music
  • Listening to news
  • Playing on the computer
  • Napping
  • Reading
  • Maintenance stuff & chores
  • Cleaning
  • Walking or hiking
  • Chatting with neighbors

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