Monday, June 29, 2009

The sound of silence

6:30AM - The sound of silence
One of the great gifts of living in an RV home is being able to choose the place where to make a Nite Camp. City dwellers may get so used to the sound of traffic that they do not even hear it anymore. However, RVers who get used to sleeping where there is hardly any sound during the nite, may not be able to sleep at all because of the din of traffic in cities or near highways.

Here in the northern side of Tequisquiapan, even though we are near the highway, during the nite it is sooooooo quiet. It is a wonderful gift to go to sleep to the sound of silence!

2PM - Citizenship.

Being an amateur historian carries me to read many things. For sometime I've been interested in the constitutional history of how we got to be citizens of the United States. This afternoon I found a reference in the California State Constitution to the "Treaty of Querétaro." This treaty established the right of suffrage for citizens of the United States and Mexico living within the State of California.

Since I've been living in the State of Querétaro for some weeks now, this reference drew my interest! I found a link to an image of the California State Constitution provided by Google. Apparently Google has gone to the effort of digitizing the California State Constitution. Isn't that something!

The same constitutional section which defines who is and who is not a citizen of the State of California provides that "no native of China" may be a citizen of this state. Hmmmmm?

4PM - Blood pressure.
While visiting with my friends Pete and Jimena here in Tequis, Pete mentioned that he had an automatic blood pressure machine. So, I asked him to take my blood pressure. 131/74.

You may recall that while at the appointment with my cardiologist on Saturday, June 20th, my blood pressure was 150/90! [link]. Maybe I was a bit nervous in the doctor's office.