Saturday, June 13, 2009

The trail

The trail.
Yesterday afternoon we found a trail up the ridge east of Camp. For this morning's walk, we took that trail again. The trail begins about 1/2 kilometer down the dirt road which runs passed MsTioga.

There the trail climbs steadily, paralleling the dirt road until it meets a fence. Then it goes in the opposite direction along the ridge. We came to a place where a shepherd was putting his sheep to pasture. Then the trail came to a road. A concrete pavement road! Some young people came walking up this road and I asked them where the road went? To the gruta, was the reply. Hmmmmmm? What's a gruta? It's a cave where they there was a mine a long time ago.

All this time, Little Mavicita had been keeping her lens open looking for MsTioga. We had caught glimpses of MsTioga thru the trees, and then suddenly there she was, MsTioga in all her glory!

We continued down the concrete road to the little grocery store that we told you about before. What a neat trail this is!
MsTioga from the ridge.

5PM - Saturday at the park.
We expected Saturday to be busy at the park. There were a few more people, and several ATVs. Otherwise, it was quiet. During the afternoon, two brothers stopped by MsTioga to talk for about an hour. Later they rented horses and returned once again.
Two brothers with rented horses.

Camp view from north park.
Temperature at 5pm: 71°F

The phone calls!
Today Weng tells of the phone call of love! [link]